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Do you know your Veterans Burial Benefits

Updated on January 9, 2009

 Well this is a topic that most veterans avoid. Not because they are affraid of it. But more because it will never come for them. They are immortal, Just kidding that just seems to be the train of thought for most of us veterans. Well down to business. Do you know what you are entitled to when its time... What will the Military supply me for my honorable service.  Well most veterans are under the impression that the VA takes care of everything after their passing. While the VA has great programs and offer many kinds of assistance. They do not pay for you funeral expenses. The Average Veteran (Not applicable to Officers, Retirees' or Active Duty) that is honorably discharged after there time in the service is eligible for a burial lot or cremation space in a National Cemetery. A Memorial Marker, Opening and Closing of the Space, Vault, Flag, and Military honors if available... The reason for this article is I have met with so Many veterans spouses coming in to make arrangements thinking the VA is paying for everything only to find out they have to pay anywhere from 1800-8000 dollars for funeral expenses...  It is heart wrenching, considering they are supposed to be enjoying the life they worked so hard in for so long to achieve. Well take care and send requests for information you would like to know about in my industry.God Bless and SEMPER FI


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