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Veterans Day

Updated on November 5, 2006

Remembrance Day

Veterans in the past world wars are given a day during the year to remember them. At this present age wars between nations continues and soldiers engaged into the frontlines should also be included in that moment of silence come Remembrance Day. Remembrance Day or Veteran's Day is closely attached to my life because my father is a veteran who didn't die in the battlefield during World War II but died naturally at the age of 93. The accounts of the war that he related to us is being a member of the Signal Platoon where his old telephone is in a room in our old house this maybe is a very important memorablia about his role during the war.When we were young he used to sing "Mexically Rose" and it touches me until today especially he is no longer around because this song I think is dedicated to war brides. Come Remembrance Day don't forget not only our soldiers who gave threir lives to enjoy our freedom today but also our present day soldiers.


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