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Virgina Graeme Baker Act is LAW!!!

Updated on December 23, 2008

Parents must insist on SAFER pools

Today, the Virginia Graeme Baker Act is in place. This law will help in the ongoing movement toward safer and safer pools.

Virginia died because of suction entrapment. The new law goes a long way toward making pools/spas safer. We don't ever want to lose another child in this country to suction entrapment, so do your part to stop suction entrapment and consider a drainless pool.

I'm a big fan of pool safety -- check out my articles about pool drains.

You can read about the Act at to learn more.

Please know that at least 95% if not 99% or 100% of pools can be built and circulate without a drain -- a suction device.

Make the world a little bit safer - insist on a pool without a drain!


Keep Pools Safe for YOUR kids!!!!

Kids love a pool. Parents love a safe pool!
Kids love a pool. Parents love a safe pool!


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