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Updated on October 28, 2006

Daily Intake of vitamins

Since vitamins is discovered people began to use vitamin pills. There are vitamins for babies, adults and the aging population. Vitamins is very helpful to maintan a healthy body. Multi-vitamin in store shelf contain the regular daily intake but it is necessary that the user will have to observe which is really helping her in the maintenance of her health. For example , if her work is laborious, working long hours for the day it is important that she will go to the next level of vitamin intake which is would be the supervitamin, the same thing with vitamin B complex needed mostly by the nerves and the nervous system. Vitamin B is stress vitamins which is a very important element to combat the stressful effects of daily conflicts at home and work as a whole. Vitamin B gives the user a state of calmnes, and peace when confronted with extreme emotional strain in matters of family problems or stress related problems, maybe sickness or financial problems.. It provides the person with a cheerful attitude and enlightenment towards others. For Vitamin D it maintains the strength of the body frame which is the bones or skeletal system. Osteoporosis in adults especially women may start at their pre-menopausal period so it is very essential for them to start their daily intake of Vitamin D. In North America during the winter season the bones becomes docile and brittle due to the absence of direct sunlight. These three vitamins is highly recommended for daily consumption so give it a try.


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    • Dr John Anne profile image

      Dr John Anne 9 years ago

      Good information. Well I have also made a hub on vitamins and minerals and would like to share with you.

    • profile image

      Abdulah 10 years ago

      No offence, but I didn't find anything about osteoporsis on this site.