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Updated on November 22, 2007

Job is my favorite character aside from Jesus

Ilike Job because we can apply his Faith and Trust in God into our individual life. In my own opinion God has tested my Faith and Trust in Him of a nightmare that my family went through in real life. How big is our Faith in God is the size of blessing God will give us and even bigger than what you expect. Losing a job at an instant is like dropping on the ground from a high rise building, that how much pain you may feel mentally (you don't know how to start or what kind of job are we going to look, the age factor and out there is a vast emptiness) physically (how will we pay our bills,maintaining our current life style as both of us lost our job at the same time) What will happen to us? Our mortgage is at stake, credit cards and insurances. To make the situation worst we deemed we were wrongfully dismisssed so we needed a lawyer's advice. At this point I started to find what book in the Bible should I use in this particualar situation and I took the pattern of hardships Job went through and how he kept his Trust and Faith to God's promises. I read the life of Job on a daily basis and guided by the words of God in that book I did my part to work out my situation First I took the first job that landed on my hands and kept it but my husband was not able to find another job since the cause of his untimely termination was his old age depriving him not to receive his pension. The house was remortgage twice in an effort to keep and stay in that house and to pay for our legal fees. It was difficult to find a lawyer because of the nature of the case but when we drafted our own case with lots of research work of all decided cases locally and even Supreme Court rulings , our case was accepted . I want to cut it short that we are expecting a big return of what we have as our case is now for settlement. I took my Faith and the life of Job as my inspiration to face our trials..


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