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How to be an “ideal employee” in the work place

Updated on March 1, 2013

Do you want to be rated "good" at your work place? Then best cultivate the following tips to shape your work as well as your destiny at work.

Don't waste office money or material

When you buy something for the office or spend money on behalf of the office, you should spend in such a way if you are spending for your home or for your own personal things with prudence

In the same way, one should handle office equipment and other items gently with great care without damaging the any articles

It's a pity that some people show their anger and agony on the office equipment which ultimately gets completely redundant .Never bang any items in the office, including the telephone instruments, which is a target for many people to show their resentment by banging it down.

This usually reflects on the personality of the person and exposes the character by the rude behaviour.One has to behave in such a way those others would want to follow the example

I remember the President of one of my client Company, when working late used to always ensure that he checks all the computers in the office has been switched off and so also the fans ,lights and any other equipments before leaving for home. He would leave a small reminder note in place where he would find things not taken care of and communicate that the employee has to be more vigilant. He would do this even when he would leave his desk for a meeting or for coffee breaks etc.

Therefore one has to save costs to the organization and not think only of having a happy and content life earning a good pay from the company .

Help Colleagues in times of Crisis

The Japanese culture is so embedded with the disciplinary principles that it finds it way into the workplace too. The tradition of loyalty and respect to the leaders binds them into a family values at work place. This ensures that people work together with a common goal and objective in cohesion.

When a colleague is in trouble while discharging the duty, one should feel that it is duty to help the person by trying to solve the problem and enable the person to over come the situation in order to handle things better with an experienced hand.

As the adage goes "a friend in need is a friend in deed" every employee should help his or her co-employee in the work place to complete the task quickly and efficiently .While some volunteer and go out of their way to support a colleague in trouble some very convenienently become invisible and yet some pretend to be of help but appear like phantoms they will be missing when you need them the most .

The later set of people assume that its "below their dignity "to extend any help .

But the fact is that a colleague will always reciprocate the help extended for tidings over the predicament and will always want to return in kind when the same situation is there on the other side.

Never Gossip

Office grape wine sometimes are so detrimental that it can actually break down a very healthy work place .Although this is something that is present everywhere in all office space ,one must restrain in idle gossips and bitching about people just for the sake of some temporary thrill or attention. This on the long run make a person untrust worthy and it will be considered a nuisance in the office as it will create lot of hurts and unwanted disturbances in the harmony of the working environment


One has to develop the habit of being punctual to the office as adhering to correct timings is a very important quality on the part of the employees whether at the junior level or in the senior position. It is the watch word in all classes of employees. This creates a feeling of dependability and reliability

Become the chosen one

A winner is one who develops "fast-start" actions to make himself/ herself the favorite one in the eyes of the management right from day one. The good old analyising of one's strengths, weaknesses and how they can add value to the organization sets the foundation of a long-term relationship.

"Can Do" what others won't

Employees who can get things done are highly prized in an organization. "Can do" people rarely turn down a new assignment and always give their best despite possible initial rejections. They believe that new challenges improve their cross functional capabilities.


All employers want employees with good communication skills -- starting with 'willingness' and ability to listen. Business communication should be accurate and brief. No long winding sentences where short ones would work. Also, perhaps the most damaging error in communication skills is losing your cool or whining. However justified your complaints are, cool down and peacefully express yourself if you want to be heard at all.

It's not personal

This may seem a difficult proposition in a place where you spend most of your waking hours, but you just have to learn the art of being objective at work. In a growing organization there are bound to be differences of opinion. The ability to stay focused on issues and remain impersonal helps you to stick to the work objective.

Be caring

Think of the favorite senior in your office and it is easy to point out that he/ she is someone who genuinely cares about people and so can get anyone to deliver.

Helping sincere colleagues from other departments too during bad days, and being empathic towards one's team is always recognized. Also, such people command leadership and fierce loyalty from their teams/ colleagues. Organizations would definitely not question such leadership.

Be proactive

Take responsibility for your career advancement. In a forever "right-sizing" workplace, don't expect anyone else to hold your hand and take you to heights you wish for yourself. In times of transition, individuals must be proactive and make themselves useful in related departments.

No "its all common" attitude

Employers don't like people who restrict their job profile. Take ownership of all your responsibilities by seeing your department as a profit centre (even if your productivity doesn't easily translate into numbers) and yourself as an integral driver of that profit.

Give your best to the company

Remember, it is positive attitude and experience that hold weight above skills, between two equally qualified employees.

Health/ fitness

Health is key to reliability. Frequent absences or poor performance related to neglected health puts one on the short list when it is time to downsize.


Having said that, all companies generally have an acceptable dressing requirement. Most media companies don't enforce dress codes, but even the most fun-loving organization will not take an employee dressed like a hippie seriously. The perception of whether or not you belong has more to do with appearance than you might think.


This is a rare commodity in times of frequent job jumping and three-month stints. Loyalty can be demonstrated through refusal to gossip, delivering high performance and sticking with a company through its highs and lows. You can also project loyalty by carrying out instructions as best you can, by disagreeing civilly and when you have been overruled, doing the job the way the boss wants you to.

Avoid bad blood

It is not easy for huge organizations to appreciate everyone all the time. This naturally leads to some dissatisfaction, which can be dealt with a talk with your immediate senior. However, if an employee chooses to proclaim and believe that he/ she is the only undervalued, overworked, underpaid professional, his/ her whining may boomerang to make the HR department feel that the office might be a happier place without them.


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    • ratnaveera profile image

      ratnaveera 10 years ago from Cumbum

      good ideas to earn good will.