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WWE to kick off mynetwork tv debut with a history making match

Updated on September 22, 2008

Friday night smackdown debuts on mynetwork tv

For only the second time ever, the World Wrestling Entertainment has annouced a triple threat match involving three world champions to kick off wwe friday night smackdown's MyNetwork TV debut. The match involving WWE champion Triple H, ECW champion Matt Hardy, and world heavy weight champion will take place on Friday October 23rd on Smackdown's MyNetwork tv. This is not only the second time in history that this type of match will take place, but this will be a first for free television.

friday night smackdown
friday night smackdown

WWE and MyNetwork TV with high expectations

World Wrestling Entertainment and Mynetwork T.V. have high hopes for the upcoming move of friday night smackdown to the network. WWE expecting the move, have made recent changes to the friday night show . Two of the companies most popular superstars Triple H, and Jeff hardy along with hall of fame announcer Jim Ross have been added as part of thier plan to boost popularity. So far the WWE'S Smackdown has seen some success with a small boost in ratings, and ratings increase expected with the history making match scheduled for october third.

wwe Triple H
wwe Triple H

Smackdown and the CW network ends a long standing relationship

Friday nightsmack down has been with the cw (formerly upn) network since its debut in 1999, and held steady as one of the networks most popular programs. CW however has decided not to continue its long standing partnership with the WWE, according to the CW the show doesn't relate to its target female audience.


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