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Waning Moon Magic

Updated on June 7, 2007

As of this writing, the full moon was about a week ago, and it's time for me to start thinking about what I need to do before the moon is dark again.

Waning moon is the time for "getting rid of," which means that any workings you do are going to be more effective if you get into that mindset. Instead of doing magic to get rid of money, think more along the lines of doing magic to banish poverty in your personal life. Instead of finding love, try getting rid of loneliness. Instead of increasing your score on your next test, think about banishing a tendency to write down wrong answers. Even though we now know that it's the Earth's shadow that makes the moon change shape, our ancestors thought that the moon went somewhere else when it was dark. I have a friend who is having surgery today. I am burning a candle to take away his pain, ease his condition, and to make the after-effects of surgery brief. If it were a waxing moon, I'd be focusing on his increased health and recovery.

In short, the theory to waning moon workings is this: when the moon goes, it takes whatever you're trying to get rid of along with it. Works for me.

If you're the vegetable gardener type, the waning moon is a time for planting crops that grow underground like carrots, onions, garlic, or potatoes. Save the above-ground crops like tomato plants, pumpkins, corn, watermelon, or berry trees for the waxing moon. My spouse considers gardening as part of his spiritual expression, and he swears by this method. All I know is, we usually have more tomatoes than we can eat ourselves!

In autumn, the waning moon is also a good time to trim back roses, forsythia, etc. before it gets too cold. And it's also a good time to plant daffodil or crocus bulbs, because as the year wanes, the bulbs will settle down for a nice long sleep until spring.

Do you feel less energetic during the waning moon, especially the last week of it? Don't worry. A lot of people do. Unfortunately, the unaffected bosses, teachers, friends, and/or small children in your life aren't going to be terribly sympathetic about this. When this happens to me - and it doesn't happen every lunar cycle - I do my best to get a little extra sleep. I find I'm more likely to nap when the moon is waning than I am when it's waxing. I'm also more likely to make the time to take a long, soothing bath before bedtime. I just happily accept all this as part of being as attuned to the lunar calendar as a town-dweller can be, and go about my business.

Sometimes, though, the waning moon is when you feel the most positive, the most energized. If so, take advantage of it! Do that project you've been putting off - clean out the garage, take that huge pile of recycling in, fix up your compost pile.

If you started a working of some kind at the new or waxing moon, now is the time to give it a little "boost", bearing in mind that you may need to reword the working to reflect the "going away" energy of the waning moon - as opposed to the "drawing to me" or "increasing" wording you used two or three weeks ago.

The waning moon is also associated with the Crone aspect of the Goddess, and the Mage aspect of the God. You'll notice that both of these aspects have a certain "wisdom" factor to them. Now may be a good time to engage in activities that increase your own wisdom, perhaps think of ways to be a little wiser when it comes to dealing with your job, or your co-workers' interpersonal issues, or maybe how to more wisely handle your money - or your mother. Think of a plan and begin to act on it.

The time of the waning moon can be just as powerful and productive as any of the other moon phases - or it can be a time of decreased activity and increased rest. It's really up to you.


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    • profile image

      dominic mwanzia 5 years ago

      tell exactly when is waning moon and when is waxing moon to know how to pray thank you.,0714202923

    • home witch profile image

      home witch 7 years ago from Manchester

      I really enjoyed your hub. It was really interested and well presented. I've known most of these information but you explained things really.

    • profile image

      priya 8 years ago

      I have lost weight in the past successfully about 8-9lbs. Use a blackboard and white chalk write "I weigh, with harm done to none. Remember to say Thank you".

    • juliapgreen profile image

      juliapgreen 10 years ago

      If the feeling of unmotivated-ness is only on the waning moon, maybe it's a good thing to slow down a bit during that time -- especially if you're very active during the waxing and full moon.

      Also, a working to banish lack of motivation might help, i.e. using the waning moon "getting rid of" energy to get rid of lethargy.

    • profile image

      88Angel 10 years ago

      Because i know the moon phases i dread the wanning moon because i don't want to feel unmotivated i was wondering are there ways to avoid this feeling like Ions i don't know but need help in this department.

    • profile image

      Father Witch 10 years ago

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