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Wanna Dance? Now You Can! Steps to Bring Out Your Inner Dancer

Updated on June 10, 2008

Just Dance Already!

See What You Can Do?
See What You Can Do?

So, Why Don't You Dance?

What's your excuse? Two left feet? You have no rhythm? Your body can't bend in order to do those cool moves you see on t.v? All those reasons are complete excuses because everyone has the ability to enjoy the feeling of motion. Dance is not about being able to choreograph extravagant, fast dances and showing off your moves. It's about being able to express one's emotions through movement. Just boogie!

The origin of dance is still a mystery to everyone who studies it. Dance can be traced back to some 5,000 to 9,000 years ago, presenting itself in different cultures all over the world. The Native Americans used dance in rituals ranging from prayers to sacrifice. Other cultures used dance as a social way of connecting and expressing themselves. So why is it that so many people only dance when they are in the clubs or forced to?

Dance is not some hobby that is set aside for the talented. Besides, everyone is talented, you just have to find it. I have been dancing for 14 years now and if I still had this "I'm shy and I'm not good enough" mentality, then I would not be as satisfied with my dancing as I am today. Many say they don't have the experience to dance and that they are shy. Yet, in order to experience the pure exhiliration of body movement, you must crack that shy shell! In order to do that, you must first look inside yourself and remember that dance is an open casting call. Anyone can attend!

Here are some tips to start dancing or to just become a better dancer:

1. Start slow. The best way to introduce yourself to something that is new and exciting is to walk with caution. Don't start with breakdancing moves and hit the big boy stuff yet. This is the step where you get to experiment with what you like. Try starting off with yoga or just plain excercise to get your heart used to the movement. If you are not into yoga or excercise, put on some groovin music that gets you going and start out with some random dance moves that make you feel good! No pressure, its your first step.

2. Get your body moving. In order to really feel what you can do, you need to know what your body can handle. Start by stretching your body in odd ways to see where your limits are. Once you know the areas you can really move and the areas that just need to remain in their barcaloungers, then you are one step further to unleashing the dancer within!

3. Get some rhythm. In order to be a good dancer, your body must be in tune with rhythm. If you say you dont have any rhythm, you are just lying to yourself. Everybody has rhythm and your body just needs to find that out for itself. Put on some music and start following the beats with your foot. For each beat, tap your foot. With the great moves you used in step one, have those moves coordinate with your tapping foot. This is rhythm! Let your body sway to the beats and hear the music for what it is. Let your body do whatever it wants!

4. Watch music videos. This may seem absurd and unfair, but it works. Watch music videos to learn the basics of dance. It may seem impossible if you are watching Britney Spears or some experienced dancer, but watching videos over and over will give you knowledge on how to count beats, coordination, and cool dance moves to practice on your own! The important part of this step is to study the art of dance and the different styles you encounter. Have fun while your studying!

5. Become an avid stretcher/excerciser. Nobody is asking you to go to the gym for 2 hours everyday. All it takes is 20 minutes a day! Find some simple stretch moves to strengthen muscles in your arms and legs. This will tone you up and get your body ready for whats next in the process to releasing your inner dancer. You also may want to practice eye hand coordination, as well as balance. This will all help out in the long run. Can you feel the burn?!

6. Look up some beginner dance classes. Don't be shy! These beginner dance classes will teach you all the basics of dance. They go at great paces and look on the bright side: there will be other people there just like you! So take off your shy coat and be confident with the things you have learned so far.

Why Should I Do This?

Dance has great benefits to it. Not only is it a form of excercise, but it is also a big stress reliever. Dance is considered by many as the best form of excercise because it can tone up every muscle in your body and gets your heart accelerating every time. As for stress, turn up the music real loud and just dance your heart out. The dancing releases endorphins which in turn, give you energy and keep you happy and stress free! (at least for now) So what are you waiting for? Start Dancing!!

The Evolution of Dance


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