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Want to sell your home quickly?

Updated on November 6, 2008

Invest a little time and money.

When you're selling a house that has been lived in for more than 5 years you are likely going to need to do a little remodeling before putting it on the market. The best thing to do is put yourself in a potential buyers eyes. What would you look for when you were looking to purchase a new home?

The kitchen is the most important room to disect. In this room in most families, the majority of everyones time is spent here. You use this room to not only prepare meals for your family, but to entertain guests when you have parties and even just to sit around the table and talk for hours. - You want to make sure that your kitchen is easily accessible, convenient, yet still elegant. You will want to replace whatever appliances that will come with the home, as no one wants a new home with used items. At the same time you are offering your new home owner an incentive since new appliances come with warranties and there will be no questioning the fuctionality of the existing appliances. You may want to replace your counter tops. Granite is always a smooth way to go. Granite is natural looking, won't scratch easily and is simple to clean. Not only is granite ideal for everyday use, but it is very eye appealing. Granite has a more rich and elegant look than the common tile you see in most houses.

Your bathrooms should be the next focus as it is the second most looked upon room in a house. When someone comes to your house and sees that you have an old toilet with rust around the bottom and a cracked toilet seat, a small chipped up mirror above the sink that constantly drips and a paint job that has 20 different holes from nails where you have hung things, they are not going to feel very comortable or even clean. - You will likely want to replace all fixtures in this room as well. If there is only one sink, you may want to install double sinks, this is more attractive and convenient to couples sharing a bathroom, everyone loves the idea of his and hers. - If there is a wall you could knock down to extend the bathroom a little, a garden tub will steal the heart of any woman that walks into the room. Women love to relax in hot bathtubs after a long day and they don't want to be cramped up in a child size tub. Garden tubs are also very romantic and look very elegant when placing large mirrors on the walls above them. When you have a garden tub for her, you also offer him his own stand up shower. You also offer the convenience of them both being able to be used at the same time. - The toilet doesn't have to be the most fanciest but it should definitely be new. You will want to get one with a ceramic seat as the soft cushiony seats are prone to absorbing germs, ooh! If the prospective buyer doesn't like the seat they can replace it for under $20, not a big deal. - If you have carpeting in the bathroom you may want to consider putting down tile. Carpets get wet when you get in and out of the shower/bath tub, here also absorbing germs into it. After getting wet so many times the carpet will start to mat down and become very un-attractive. Tile has a more elegant look to it and can be cleaned easily. Try to use light colors and rich textures through out as they scream comfort. You want the buyer to feel very comfortable when walking into the bathroom, like they would feel walking into a spa.

The living room does not have to be massive but it should be cozy and inviting. - You may consider installing a faux fire place if there is not already a fire place. These are very eye appealing, creates relaxtion and also very romantic. - You may want to add chair railing around the entire perimeter 2/3 down the wall and choose a printed wallpaper for the bottom portion and a solid paint or paper that blends well on the top portion. This is a very elegant look. - Hardwood floors are nice but expensive and require a lot of care to clean. Consider laying down a floating floor.

Your bedrooms are simply that , bedrooms. You will want to direct more detail to the master bedroom. - Make sure a woman will have plenty of closet space for her wardrobe and can still share it with her husband. Walk-in closets are very ideal in the master bedroom, after all there are generally two people sharing this room. - Installing a ceiling fan with mirrors is always an attractive feature as well. Spare bedrooms don't require anything special, just enough room for a bed ,dresser, desk and toys. Though adding some corner shelfs or a built in book shelf could be a nice touch.

It is recommended that you spend between 15% - 25% of the value of your home in remodeling before selling. You are likely to get a 44% higher return on this investment.


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