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Warning: Your Ass Just Called Me And Told Me What You Really Think Of Me

Updated on January 14, 2009

It wasn’t that awful (what was said I mean) but I know the person would be horrified if they knew. You see sometimes when you think you haven’t dialed yet or you’ve finished a call and put the phone in your back pocket or purse something happens, it either hasn’t hung up or it calls the person back. And so it was one of these circumstances that had me thinking that it would make a good topic for a blog. Warning: your ass just called me and told me what you really think of me – Don’t Get Me Started!

In my case it was a co-worker. They were with a group of fellow co-workers and called me to ask a question but I guess they didn’t know that they had called me yet because as I was listening to them talk about me, another call came through from the same person and when I answered the second call from her she said, “Oh sorry, I must have hung up by mistake the first time I called.” Well, she couldn’t have been more wrong and although every fiber of my being wanted to say, “No, you called and I heard everything you said about me, bitch.” I instead gave a cheery greeting and asked what I could do for them. I don’t know that I won’t regret that one the rest of my life but like most things you regret, they only take up space in your mind and heart and don’t really give you anything to show for it so I will choose to not regret or even think about this one again.

They were all laughing on the other end of the phone and were not really saying anything horribly negative just something about “not being on his list.” As they were supposed to have something turned into me by a certain day and this was the call to say that hers would be in tomorrow, not today, the day it was due. But I thought of all the times that this has happened and I think I have it down to a science and some sound advice to give us cell phoners.

Be wary of calling someone when you’re all ready talking about them with the group of people that you are with – as in the case above, she set herself up because one small slip and you’ve pushed the “call” button and with the quality of cell phones these days the person on the other end will hear everything…absolutely everything you’re saying as well as everyone in the group (it’s not difficult to distinguish voices).

Don’t talk about someone after you’ve hung up with them. There are times when you haven’t pushed the “end call” button or you have and the phone has decided to not accept your push so you’re still connected. An example of this would be after an exasperating call from someone saying either to yourself or the person you’re with, “Jesus what a pain in the ass.” While we can all be a pain in the ass at times we don’t like hearing that other people know exactly when those times are happening.

Like most technology, cell phones are both a blessing and a curse. They give us immediate gratification talking to someone and yet at the same time cell phones can giveth communication and taketh away a friendship if you’re not careful. So do yourself and your family and friends a favor and dial responsibly because the one time you’re not careful is the time that it will happen and it will make you absolutely miserable. Warning: your ass just called me and told me what you really think of me – Don’t Get Me Started!

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    • laringo profile image

      laringo 9 years ago from From Berkeley, California.

      I had one of those encounters but it was all good because I had just talked to my husband at home and thought I had hung up my cell phone. Needless to say he heard me singing while I was driving and he decided to invite my daughter to hear my auto concert. We all had a good laugh when I got back home.