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Ways to Increase Your Income

Updated on September 6, 2008

As prices on just about everything from heating oil, to food and toiletries increase here in the United States it is getting harder and harder for many people to make ends meet. You can cut things out and cut back on other things, but sometimes that isn't enough. Sometimes what a person really needs is more money. So how can a person increase their income?

I guess it depends on your current job situation. If you are currently not working, then finding a job, any job, would be the best place to start. If you already have a job, how can you make more money? If you work part time now, adding more hours to your schedule is one way to make more money. If you already work full time, trying to get some overtime is a great way to make more money. If you can earn 1.5 times what you make during your regular 40 hour work week, then overtime is a really good option, because the salary is so much higher than your regular income.

Many people get paid a set salary regardless of how much you work. If this is the case there are a few options. Looking for a different job in your field is one way to try to increase your income. It might take time, but it could be worth it. Many times people get stuck at a company and can't or won't go anywhere. It is easy to get comfortable somewhere and just stay there. I know many people that received huge increases when they got new jobs. They had no idea they were so underpaid at their old jobs.

You can always ask for a raise. Of course giving your boss good reasons for a raise will definitely help. Have you worked really hard lately putting in lots of extra hours? Did you just land a really big project for your company? Did you just discover a way for your company to save thousands of dollars each year? If so, you have something you can use as leverage in negotiating a higher salary. Yes it takes courage to ask for more money, but if you don't ask you probably won't get it and the worst thing that can happen is they say no. Then I would definitely start looking elsewhere - just don't quit until you find something else.

Working a second job is another way to increase your income. This is typically hard on a person to work so much, but if you are facing a temporary money crisis this would be a great option. Deliver pizzas or the newspaper, work retail over the Christmas holidays or get a job at your favorite store. I have a friend who was in the process of remodeling their house. The cost of materials was adding up fast. She got a job at a hardware store and gets a great discount on everything they need to redo the house. She makes money and saves money at the same time.

Yes times are tough, but I truly believe that almost everyone has the ability to earn more money as long as they are willing to work. If you can find something that you really like to do, then it won't feel as much like work. Sometimes it isn't about what you spend, but what you make. Good luck on increasing your income!


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    • Average Jane profile image

      Average Jane 9 years ago from Bay Area, California

      Thanks for this informative hub - the part about asking for a raise - some people just have to ask and they shall receive, especially if it's well deserved!

    • selvirajan profile image

      selvirajan 9 years ago from India

      Nice hub.

    • joana56 profile image

      joana56 9 years ago from Germany

      Yes there are ways if you look in the internet. At the beginning it is very confusing, where to start, whom to trust and where to invest. I ws very lucky that a friend recommended a business which I rate as trust worthy. It pays monthly and has features where members can shop online with discount.

      Have a look and join free to test it:

      Sunny regards from Portugal


    • Happy 1 profile image

      Happy 1 9 years ago from Hawaii

      Thank you for the hub!

      When there is a will, there is a way...