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Web Commenter Or Tormentor

Updated on August 7, 2007

Web Commenter Or Tormentors? - Don't Get Me Started!

I don't know how many of you read the comments that people post on the Internet for this article or that article but I am constantly amazed at the level of all the nasty comments people post on websites and articles. Thank God I don't have to deal with this on my site (no doubt because my site is so damn high brow that the people reading have impeccable taste). If you haven't looked at the comments people post on articles, I encourage you to click that button and be amazed just how angry and nasty we all seem to be as a species. Web commenter or tormentors? - Don't Get Me Started!

Recently I've been reading a lot on the web about the Anna Nicole movie, Rosie leaving The View, you know, all the really important news that makes a difference in the world (well, in my life it does anyway). And any blogging 101 book or article you read tells you that you need to post "relevant comments" with links to your site on other articles and blogs to increase your own readership. And as I'm constantly looking to "spread the gospel according to Scott" I have taken to leaving a comment here or there and I'm never NOT amazed at the comments I see.

If these comments become THE record of our civilization (not to get too Twilight Zone on you) we're in serious trouble. We will look like some of the dumbest and angriest people ever to step foot on any planet. First of all you notice immediately that no one can spell. And I'm not talking about "I" before "E" here people. I'm talking about comments you have to read three or four times just to get a sense of what they were trying to go on about in the first place. I'm also shocked to see the amount of people who don't finish a complete thought much less use punctuation. Blame it on the texting (See my blog about the texting bee Screw The Spelling Bee Compete In The Text Off! ). What I guess I'm the most shocked and appalled about is all the hate. I mean really, really hateful things being said.

If you read anything about Rosie leaving The View, you're bound to come across at least a zillion comments that have nothing to say about her as a person on a show, the job she's doing or anything else, it's all "god ridnace to the big f$%*ing dyke hore" (yes spelled that way). And isn't it funny that these people will have no problem using the word, "dyke" and yet the sensitive souls that they are use symbols to represent the word fuck? Just what the fuck is up with that I have to ask? In a word, these people are morons.

And just who are these people anyway? I mean they're commenting at ten in the morning, they're commenting all through the day and sometimes in the middle of the night. In my mind, I see them sitting in their darkened rooms, lit only by the light of their computer monitor and their television (that is running simultaneously) semi-watching the technology hour (for eight hours) on QVC. They're sitting in the same sweat suit that they've had on for six days without showering and they're waiting for someone to respond to the fourteen windows they have open on their computers with either an instant message from half way across the world or send in a comment on their comment so that they can respond with some more illiterate hateful gibberish that ends with "LMAO." Getting thirsty they grab a soda out of the mini frige they bought on EBay that is right by their desk (made of a board and plastic milk cartons). The frige is making the sound of a car without a muffler and the only other sound you hear is their two hamsters running on their wheels, hoping that "the commenter" will look up and realize they can't keep this up for much longer without some food, water and a change of the poop covered paper under their cage that you can barely read, "Colin Powell Resigns" on. As they type away on a computer keyboard that has long lost the actual letter decals, they sip some more Diet no brand soda while sending another six messages about Rosie filled with hate. (All spelled wrong.)

I know; I have one hell of an imagination, right? But for my own sanity I have to believe that these people have little to no sanity themselves to be writing such hate for what I call NAR (no apparent reason). I don't want to think about them sitting in Starbucks on their new laptop, having just finished their thesis for their Masters degree and surfing online as they wait for their non-fat sugar free latte, sprinkling the web with their hateful comments like the candy sprinkles the barista is putting on their drink. No, say it isn't so, say these people aren't civilized or have ever had any formal education. But even as I write this I'm afraid that while the hate writers may not fit the obsessed illiterate persona I created above nor the "latte" description, they may fall somewhere in between those two descriptions. They may be the people on line with us at the grocery store, they may be the people who work in the cubicle next to us, they may live down the street sending their messages of hate out on the Internet in what seems as though complete anonymity giving them a sense of power they can't seem to obtain in or over their own lives. Whoever they may be, it doesn't make the comments less hurtful or awful.

You have to wonder what's next and why we're all so angry, don't you? I mean, rare is it that you'll find a positive comment unless it is someone defending and pledging their undying love for a celebrity that they waited fourteen hours in the rain to watch get out of their limo and they caught a strand of hair as they rushed into their hotel that the stalker built a shrine around in their home. And here's the deal, even if we are angry (which I am a lot) at least I have spell check on my computer and know how to complete a sentence. Let's face it, we'll never get rid of hate but can we at least send our messages of hate with decent grammar? Is that asking too much? At least from people who comment on websites? Apparently it is too much to ask. Web commenter or tormentors? - Don't Get Me Started!

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