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Weight Loss Secret

Updated on March 4, 2008

What's the weight loss secret that will work for longterm weight loss and give you a lifetime of health?

Here's the key... recognize and accept that there is not just ONE weight loss secret that covers every part of your whole SELF.

You are a living, human being made up of a body, emotions, mind and spirit. And in order to lose weight for good, you need to spread conscious awareness into each of these parts of your whole SELF.

That's the only weight loss secret I've found that has ever worked. Integration. Harmony. Balance.

Getting healthy in every level of your SELF - your body, emotions, mind and spirit. And I'm going to give you some quick tips to show you how you can become a whole and healthy person, inside and out.

Weight Loss Secret For Your Body

You have a physical body. Your physical body is made up of your bones, muscles, and organs. The right nutrition and exercise will bring health to your physical body, and this is essential for losing weight, but there is another weight loss secret for your body that most don't talk about...

Healing your energetic body as well.

Your energetic body is also called the "subtle body" because it is not as easy to observe with your 5 senses. Unlike your physical body that you can touch, smell, see, taste and hear...

Your energetic body is something you can only experience inside of yourself.

It is all about the energy channels that are inside of you and whether they are open or closed, allowing energy and health to flow through you.

When your energetic body is "blocked", then waste and toxins build up in this area causing disease, injury and fat storage.

So a big weight loss secret is to purify and open the energetic body.

By practicing yoga, tai chi, Qigong and other energetically healing systems, the energy channels (or chakras as they are called in the yogi system) are opened and released, allowing life energy to flow through you.

This is essential for healing the body, eliminating disease and excess fat, and for living a long and healthy life.

So start taking care of your physical body AND your energetic body and you will notice a big increase in your energy levels, it will be much easier to lose weight forever, and it will dramatically improve your overall health.

Weight Loss Secret For Your Emotions

You are a human being that has a wide variety of emotions. You can't do anything about that, and why would you? Feeling strong emotions is one of the greatest gifts of being alive.

But it is how you deal with your emotions that will either add or subtract to your health and affect how much weight you gain or lose.

Have you ever heard of emotional eating? It is when you turn to food to escape a painful emotion (such as loneliness, depression, or stress) or to create a positive emotion (such as excitement, love, or comfort).

Regardless of what emotion is causing you to eat, if you are letting your emotions decide what and when you eat, then you setting yourself up for a lifetime of being fat.

Learning how to process your emotions in healthy ways is one of the most important components of living a healthy life and losing weight for good.

So when you are feeling down, depressed, sad or lonely, instead of turning to food to escape from the emotion... Learn how to process and RELEASE the emotion so that you can truly heal and bring your health to a higher level.

Write in your journal.

Create some beautiful art to express yourself.

Go out and connect with people in meaningful ways.

Communicate your feelings to the person or people who will make you feel better.

Learn how to recognize when you are feeling these negative feelings and move through them by expressing yourself. This is the only way to truly release the emotion and stop it from being trapped inside of you.

When you eat food to escape an emotion, the emotion is never released. It just sits there inside of you poisoning your health and keeping you fat.

And also finding ways to bring excitement, love, and comfort into your life instead of relying on food to entertain or fulfill you.

By bringing passion, fun, adventure and challenge into your life, you will never feel bored, un-loved or un-inspired.

When you are excited by your life and what you are doing with your time here on this planet, you won't need to turn to food for positive feelings... Besides, any good feelings you get while you are eating always turn to guilt as soon as you're done. Right?

Weight Loss Secret For Your Mind

Your mind can either be your biggest obstacle to losing weight or it can be your greatest advantage. It's all in how you talk to yourself.

That inside dialogue that's always happening inside your mind... Is it full of negative thoughts?

If you are always telling yourself how much you hate exercising and eating healthy foods, and how hard it is to lose weight... then guess what... It's going to be impossible to lose weight.

But if you choose to focus on the positive, and your self dialogue is uplifting and encouraging, then doing the same things will be a joy. And you will be much more likely to succeed at losing weight.

Here's one of the first "switches" I made inside my own mind. It's a very powerful weight loss secret for your mind...

Don't focus on losing weight. Focus on gaining HEALTH.

If you are only focused on losing weight, then you will be obsessed with something that you losing. And if you've ever heard that saying, "What you focus on grows", then you can see why this is such a destructive mental game you play.

But when you focus on gaining health, then you are focused on what you are moving toward not away from... and getting healthy becomes a gift that you are giving yourself every day.

Weight loss takes time. But health is yours for the taking with every choice you make, every day of your life.

When your mind is focused on the health you are gaining, then you will feel better about yourself every day because you are succeeding at your goal. See how powerful of a shift that can be?

Harness the power of your mind to work with you instead of against you. This is a weight loss secret that will get you healthy and improve the way you view your life forever.

Weight Loss Secret For Your Spirit

Your spirit is simply that part inside of you that is always loving and always wants the best for you.

It is that quiet voice that whispers to you about your greatest dreams and greatest hopes. And it is the place where you discover your true purpose for your life.

When you are disconnected from your spirit, you feel lost and confused. But when you are connected and guided by your spirit, you feel focused and clear.

So how is connecting to your spirit a weight loss secret?

Well, if you are trying to motivate yourself to lose weight because you want to look hot in a bikini on the beach, that's not going to take you very far. There is going to come a day when you think, "I don't care about looking hot, I just want to eat that chocolate!" And then you'll give in and feel like a failure with no willpower and eventually quit trying.

But when you get in touch with your internal motivation to be healthy and lose weight by listening to that voice inside of you that wants you to be healthy and happy ALWAYS...

Then it becomes a lot easier to say NO to the chocolate because you know it's not what your true SELF really wants.

Your true SELF wants you to have true, unending happiness and love... not just some temporary escape that will harm your health and make you fat.

But you never know that unless you spend some time connecting to that place inside of you and listen to it.

So how do you listen? Try meditation.

It's amazing what you will hear when your body is still and your mind is quiet. It's only then that you can listen to the whispers of your highest SELF that is guiding you to love and appreciate yourself and to make healthy choices for a lifetime.

When you connect to this place inside of you that is all love, all light, all peace and all truth... you will never lack the motivation you need to stick to a healthy weight loss plan.

In fact, it will become your new addiction because making healthy choices will become a way of giving yourself love.

And loving yourself, inside and out, is the best weight loss secret there is.

Appreciate your whole SELF. Your body, your emotions, your mind, and your spirit. You are a human being and taking care of your whole SELF will guide you in the right direction of losing the weight and giving yourself health for a lifetime.

To learn more about integrating and balancing every aspect of your SELF in health, click here to get more information on the best weight loss secret.


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