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What, me worry?

Updated on February 23, 2008

Or, You better BELIEVE it!

"It takes a worried man/to sing a worried song/It takes a worried man/to sing a worried, worried song/It takes a worried man/to sing a worried song..../I'm worried now/but I won't be worried long!" - The Kingston Trio

Well, I'm not a man, so the above doesn't apply to me. I'm a single mother, which gives me well enough reason to worry. And believe me you, there are a plethora of things to feel bothered by.

But many people consider worrying to be a waste of time and energy. These folks obviously have good-paying jobs, very little debt, families that have few major problems, and isolated homes in well-kept rural areas. I don't tell them to worry, so they shouldn't tell me not to worry.

Besides, I don't know what the heck I'd do if I didn't spend time worrying about some little (or big) thing or another. I mean, if I became a well-adjusted member of society, I just wouldn't be me any more. And if you knew me personally, you'd get worried yourself. Being a considerate person, I'd rather people not worry about me if not absolutely necessary. It's one thing, however, to worry about someone's life-situation ("I'm worried about her, not having a job and all."); it's completely different, to me at any rate, to worry about their mental state (You know, I really worry about her!").

How can I not worry, what with the state of my life, my metro area, my state, my country, the world? I do try very hard to limit my anxieties to those that affect me personally. If I even dedicated a fraction of my time to worrying about endangered species, Britney Spears and her domestic problems, the situation in Pakistan, and/or the the United States Air Force requesting more funding for an overhaul - well, I just wouldn't have any time at all to worry about my own problems!

But even though I don't have a job, or any money; even though I have no idea what the state of my relationship with my out-of-state-boyfriend is; even though my 81-year-old mother is having health problems; even though my 19-year-old son has no idea what direction to take in his life; I don't want you to worry. Really - that's my responsibility.


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