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What are best dog breeds for senior citizens?

Updated on October 31, 2007

Having a canine companion in your family is a wonderful thing. And I for one do not need results of some research to tell me that having a dog can have a great impact on my well being. It holds true for seniors as well. When thinking about getting a dog seniors should also consider what type of dog would be best suited for their lifestyle.

The main characteristic that should be considered is the temperament of the dog as well as the size. Large, boisterous dogs may not be such a good idea as they might be too much to handle for some seniors. Smaller dogs tend to be less high maintenance and also on the plus side they can make excellent lap dogs.

One of the most popular breeds among seniors by fair is the schnauzer. There are 2 types available the normal schnauzer and the miniature one, both of which can be a good choice. They can be very protective of their family, but are also very affectionate and crave the companionship with humans. There is an old lady in my neighborhood that I know from our local doggy park. Her family got her a miniature schnauzer and they are a sight to behold, they even sort of trod the same way. They do need their daily exercise, but a regular walk should do. Also they do need regular grooming to keep their coat healthy and shining.

Cocker spaniels are also a good choice as they are not boisterous dogs by nature. They are docile and very attached to their owners. They do not need a lot of exercise however they will need regular grooming because of their fine curly hair.

Pugs are another good choice, as they love the attention of their owners, they are playful and affectionate. They do make excellent companions for older people.

Miniature poodles are a good choice as in general they do prefer the company of humans and are also very affectionate with their owners. They love the fuss lavished upon them and this is what makes them a good pick for seniors.

Some of the other dog breeds that might make a good combination with a senior are Pomeranians, Boston and Scottish terriers, Yorkshire terrier and Shih Tzu. Again there are no strict rules as the individual nature and temperament of dogs varies, they are individual living beings after all. Different breeds are usually just a guidepost that will help make an informed decision. Smaller dogs with mild temperaments are usually the best choice for seniors as they are less high maintenance and get attached to their owners very easily. Having a canine companion is a great thing for any family and for seniors probably even more so. To have a dog can be a comforting thing and lets face it to have one of those little furry people around can bring endless joy and happiness plus they can fuss over each other and it is totally acceptable.


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