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What are household items that can kill you dog?

Updated on October 31, 2007

Dogs by nature are curious things and they will stick their nose virtually anywhere, that is part of their charm. However there is a number of household items that are very dangerous and can be potentially deadly to your dog. You will want to make sure these household items are well out of the reach of your dog and safely stored where they cannot reach them.

Chocolate - while it might be a cure to all of our problems chocolate can be very harmful to dogs, even in small quantities. It has an ingredient called obromine, which is toxic for dogs. Some of the symptoms of chocolate poisoning include vomiting and diarrhea, increased activity and urination, which can progress to full blown seizures. Especially dangerous is the dark chocolate or the chocolate used for baking. Take your dog to the vet immediately.

Antifreeze - with winter just around the corner, many of us are using anti-freeze. Make double sure it is well out of the reach of your dog and cat. The appeal is that it tastes sweet to them and that is why antifreeze poisoning kills many pets each year. Some of the symptoms include: vomiting, seizures, stumbling and in the end kidney failure. Again take your dog to the vet immediately if you suspect antifreeze poisoning.

Household plants - as with cats household plants can be deadly (plants such as Ivy, Lilies, Devil's Ivy, ferns etc). Some of the symptoms include central nervous excitement and vomiting. Do not hesitate go to the vet immediately, but as a preventive measure keep all your houseplants well out of your dog's reach.

Mothballs - mothballs can usually be found in the back of closets, but you might want to make double sure to stove them away from your dog as if ingested they can lead to the excitement of central nervous system, seizures and in the end liver failure. It is due to insecticide found in mothballs. If you suspect your dog has chewed on a mothball do not induce vomiting at home but take your dog to the vet immediately.

Bleach and fabric softeners - both bleach and fabric softeners are highly toxic to dogs. Stove them out of way. Some of the symptoms that your dog has ingested bleach include vomiting, drooling and abdominal pain, while fabric softener poisoning also includes burns in the mouth, lethargy and can lead to coma. Do not induce vomiting at home and go to the vet immediately.

Tylenol and mouth wash - Tylenol has an ingredient acetaminophen that dog's liver cannot break down. Mouthwash contains boric acid, which is also highly toxic to dogs (it can also be found in dentures and lens solutions). Some of the symptoms of Tylenol poisoning include drooling, vomiting and abdominal pain, while mouthwash can also lead to seizures and coma.

Alkaline watch batteries - alkaline is very toxic to dogs but batteries can also lead to ulcerations in the stomach.

All of these products can be found in majority of households, so it would be best to search your home and get these items well out of your dog's way. If you suspect anything is amiss, better be safe then sorry and contact the vet.


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