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What are most popular dog breeds for children?

Updated on October 31, 2007

Now to make one thing clear to me it makes no difference if a dog is a mutt or a pure breed. My family had adopted a number of wonderful mutts over the years and the dog we had for a better part of my life is Brittany spaniel. To me a dog is a dog, a wonderful addition to any family. When it comes to children and dogs, in general combination of children and a dog is usually a good one.

But it is good to bear in mind every dog regardless of breed is a highly individual - furry people I call them. So their genes are just one of the things that are added into the whole mix. And it can be a wonderful mix as children can learn about responsibility, compassion and how to love and care for another living being. But you will have to set some boundaries.

Children will have to be taught what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior around dogs. And kids usually learn by example so it is important how you treat your family dog as they will emulate that. Some things such as thug of war, jumping or startling them while they are sleep or poking them should definitely be forbidden. Also you should not leave your children and your dog together alone and unsupervised. Another thing that might help to keep both your dog and your children safe is to start with puppy socialization as this way your dog will get sued to both new sounds, smells and other dogs as well as people. Do include your children in the process. Later in life obedience training might be a good idea as not only you will have a well-behaved dog your children will love the process as well.

When it comes to different breeds, nig and boisterous breeds may not be the best idea, especially if you have smaller children. It is not that the dog means harm, but his strength, size and energy can mean that injuries can occur. One of the most popular dog breeds by far is the Labrador retriever. It is playful, intelligent, easy going and patient. If you have other animals Lab is also a good choice as they acclimate easily with other dogs. Golden retriever is another popular choice as they also have very mild manner and that is why they are a good choice for elderly people and to work with handicapped. They love to play and can be trained easily.

Beagles are also very popular even though they to sometimes bark a lot. It does not mean they are aggressive in nature, far from it, but that they are excellent watchdogs. They might be a good choice especially if you have smaller children due to their size and also their friendliness. However they do get bored if left on their own for a long time.

Basset Hounds, as made popular in many cartoons are another great choice as they also have a gentle and docile nature. They are suitable for children of all ages.

Dalmatians are also widely popular however even though they have sweet and affectionate natures they should be trained very early on, as if not trained they can become quite a handful and they do crave human company. Remember breed might help you on your quest for family dog, but in reality there are no rules. All dogs are highly individual so take into consideration your family and what character of dog might work best for you.


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