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What do you like about these stories

Updated on January 23, 2008

Who out there in HUBPAGES is reading?

I have been sharing some stories in HUBPAGES about "Days in the life of a grandpa".

Stories about my happy, fun-filled day to day interaction with my 11 grandchildren.

Especially when I take them - one at a time - for some special time with grandpa. Usually a walk, then an ice-cream treat....

I am curious to know what YOU - the reader - thinks of these stories!

It would give me valuable feedback if you would take a simple minute or two and record your feedback / thoughts in the COMMENTS box that appears below each WEB on "hubpages".

If you look at the bottom of this HUB, you will see an arrow pointing to the left (backwards-facing). It will indicate the previous hub I published. It will be labelled:

"family stories: Taking it OUT of the water to wash it?"

Click on this link and it will take you to that story.

Below each story you will find an arrow pointing to the left that will display the previous HUB published, and another arrow pointing to the right if there is a following hub already published.

This will let you read all the hubs published by an author that are grouped into one "ARTICLE GROUP".

My hubs are grouped into an article group called "FAMILY STORIES."

Do you enjoy the stories? Would you like me to continue to post more?


Just take a minute and write something in the comments box of each hub.

And thank-you!


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