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What is Your Idea of a Romantic Proposal?

Updated on September 21, 2008

Wedding Photo

July 7, 1995
July 7, 1995

Different ideas of romantic

There are many different opinions as to what makes a romantic proposal. Some people prefer that they have an intimate candlelight dinner for two where the entire restaurant may be reserved just for this purpose. Others like the idea of an airplane pulling a flying banner while still others like the thought of the traditional "kneel proposal" with her parents present giving their blessings.

There are many different ways that people propose and people react differently to their procedure. Some people have even text messaged, faxed or emailed a proposal. I guess that would be one way to have undeniable proof if they happened to have hit the bottle a bit too hard when they do it!

Danny and Bonnie today

Almost 13 years and he's still the one!
Almost 13 years and he's still the one!

My Romeo

I will tell you the story of how my husband proposed to me on my birthday, April 16, 1995. While some people may think that it wasn't romantic, if you could know my husband you would know that this was the ultimate way for him to let me know how much he loved me.

When we were dating, my girls were teenagers, so they normally went out with us rather than with their friends. We used to go to a bar and grill named C.J.'s every weekend to go dancing. Don't worry, it was a family setting and the girls loved it there. My birthday weekend was to be no different than any other. Or so I thought.

It was saturday night (the 15th) when we headed to C.J's. We had several other family members meeting us there to celebrate my birthday. Most of my nieces and nephews were already there when we arrived. All was going great and we were having a blast!

Each weekend at midnight, C.J. would hold a dance contest, which my oldest dughter never missed! As soon as midnight arrived, C.J. walked into the DJ booth and took over the microphone for the dance contest. I never noticed that my daughter wasn't heading for the front line to enter the contest. Instead, she was standing behind me, along with all my family.

When the lights came up, C.J. stepped onto the floor and said someone wanted to make an announcement. Danny stepped up beside her and I was thinking, "Oh, no! Not the Happy Birthday song!" It wasn't.

Instead, he took the mic and proposed to me, with around 400 people watching and waiting! I stood there like a deer in the headlights just bumfuzzled. At this point, I had the entire family behind me, pushing me toward the floor where he stood waiting. Now, I had become a blubbering idiot and just ran over and hugged him. C.J. took the mic and said, "Well? You gonna answer the man"? Of course, I said,"Yes" and the place just erupted in cheers!

That was almost 13 years ago and he is still my Romeo! It turns out the whole dang family and the friends that met us there were all in on it! Totally unfair advantage! Maybe it wasn't skywriting or the Oprah show but it sure was a romantic proposal in my book! And most certainly one I never saw coming. I guess my birthday was the perfect cover-up that time!

So what's you're idea of the perfect proposal?

Tell us about yours or how you would like to be proposed to.


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    • Bonnie Ramsey profile image

      Bonnie Ramsey 9 years ago from United States

      Hi, SirDent!

      Poetry is always good for any occassion! Thanks for stopping by and posting!


    • profile image

      SirDent 9 years ago

      If I was to propose again, which is something I don't plan on doing. Don't think my wife would like that very much. I believe I would do it with poetry. I know this is just a comment box so I won't write the poem here, but I believe poetry is sensual and passionate.