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What is the difference between Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian?

Updated on February 7, 2009

 So one day at work i got into chating with a truck driver, and he asks me where im i from, and of course i always have fun with this i asked him what do you think? He says Bosnia. I asked him why do you assume im bosnian? Okay, so i live in iowa which cities like waterloo and des moines have a lot of bosnians. Anyway back to my story i tell him no im Serbian, and he goes well isn't that the same? I get this a lot and i can understand that people don't know and it only takes few mins to educate them a bit on it...if you asked me the diff between chinese, japanese etc i wouldn't know...but i would love for someone to explain it to me in simplest way. So here it is really simple do i don't confuse you. Bosnians are muslims from Bosnia (minus the few serbs that lived in bosnia, they consider themselves bosnians but not muslim). The believe in Alah. Serbians are orthodox. ( like russians). Croatians are Catholic. I don't want to get too into it and confuse you guys this is the simplest the language thing. We can all understand each other, but out of all 3 languages Cro is the most different. Well to get little into it there is no such thing as Bosnian. There is serb-o-croatian and that's it! or it was like that now Croatians are making their own language adding a lot of american words. Every language has some different words but we can always talk among each other. When i hear a Bosnian talk i know it's a bosnian, also goes for serbian or croatian. I can even tell the difference between a Bosnian and Serbian just by looking at them, anways all you need to know is that this are 3 different religions, they can't be the same, some may even get offended if you assume their something else. Im very use to it and i don't mind at all. Hope this helped someone understand...very simple and very good info...i just made you lil smarter :)


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    • profile image

      Myanmaslav Kevinovic 2 years ago

      Actually, we're all African :3

    • profile image

      2 years ago

      Bosnian Language doesn't exist

      Croatian Language doesn't exist

      Serbian Language doesn't exist

      There is just on language out there and different dialects. Whether it originated from Bosnia, Serbia or Croatia or even other region, it simply a thing for historians. Those "languages" people claim that are different, are less different that US English is to UK English. Instead of seeking division you should let aside stupid pride that can lead to atrocities and war, and embrace the fact you have a beautiful language and the fact is so widely spoken in the peninsula should make you proud

    • profile image

      bosnjak 3 years ago

      Svaka ti cast hrvatice

      there is Bosnians ,they are always being there,

      and they will be always there

      And why we have now Bosnians mostly Muslims instand one nation and three religions ,is a long, long, long story,

      And honestly ,you can recognize easy deference between people from Bosnia and neighboring countries ,just by speaking they language,and almost everything else (look, appearance, nurture,character and many other things)

      and I don't understand why some other nation ,so badly want US to be THEM .

      unfortunately some of us become them,just because they share the same religion even if there is clear difference between them.

      oh yes, now they going to tell,bet I'm the Turkish ,but how I can be so many times mistaken by a Russian here in the USA ,if I'm a Turkish

      Please stop, it and once forever recognize me like a BOSNIAN

    • profile image

      correction 3 years ago

      to "Me"

      I am simply stating facts, you see you don't know who you are yet you try to tell others who they are, same with your ancestors and language, you have nothing to prove because you have no proof of anything, and you cannot prove lies. and as for propaganda you have created a lot of it and you still do.

      "I am in peace" yeah I bet

    • profile image

      Me 3 years ago

      Trying to be condescending with me doesn't make you right or sound smart, which unlike me, you are obviously trying.

      You see, I don't need to. I know who I am. I know who my people are, who they were. I know who my ancestors are, what my language is. It has been so, so it is today. I have nothing to prove, thus I am in peace, I do not care. That is the difference.

      As for the propaganda, my people have suffered because of it GREATLY. We still do.


    • profile image

      correction 3 years ago

      excuse me mister or misses "Me" or whoever you are, why do you guys always choose to say that the Bosnian language doesn't exist? when in fact it is the oldest has the oldest documents attestations, dictionaries etc. ? you would sound a lot smarter saying Serbian or the others don't exist.

      Why is it that the one name that is most likely the true name always gets criticized the most? I'll tell you why, propaganda

    • profile image

      Me 3 years ago

      Serbian, Croatian, Montenegrin and Bosnian ARE in fact the same.

      I have never had any problems understanding any of the above. I could work, live and function normally speaking any of these so called 'different languages', just as well as I live right now, speaking my mother tongue - Serbian.

      Btw, as far as Bosnian goes, I would also say there is no such thing as Bosnian language (I mean, officially, there is, but making stuff up and getting someone to support you along the way doesn't make it true, now does it?).

      Don't hate on me, I love all the people, I just like being realistic, and never walk on eggshells around anybody.

      Anyway, to sum up, whoever says these languages have significant differences, that is utter nonsense.

      And also, a level of crazy imaginary stories unrelated to languages is really high here. I would suggest anyone who is truly interested in the history of Balkan region to stay away from this stuff.

      And for all my fellow Balkan people - with all the modifications to our history, there will come a time we really won't know what the hell happened here. Don't do this. Accept both - who you are now, and who your ancestors were back then.

    • profile image

      Jshshs 3 years ago

      Bosnian language first written record was in the 10-11 century.

      Croatian and serbian first written record in the 19-20 century.

      Isn't this self explanatory.

      You guys are in denial, educate yourselves and stop spreading lies!

    • profile image

      Mitch 3 years ago

      There are so many lies being told here it's amazing. ESPECIALLY people trying to say that Serbia has always been Christian. This couldn't be further from the truth! Serbians either simply used it as a front, were atheist or moslem! Serbians used to attack churches! At almost every single corner of road in Croatia there used to be big hand made statues of Jesus Christ & the Serbians used to blow them up & use the pieces as firewood! Fact!

      Kat - in regards to what you said about not understanding how your Serbian father who was only a fisherman had hand made gold cufflincks etc. This was more than likely due to the Communist movement started by Serbia. They tried to take over all the lands, Croatia, Bosnia etc. & create 'Yugoslavia' under communist rule. This resulted in the never ending wars between our peoples. Croatians who didn't accept this had it the worst, they were poor as anything & some accepted the Communist movement for the money & the benefits.

      Eventually after so many disturbingly disgusting crimes committed by all sides, BUT STARTED & MUCH MORE SO by Serbia, they were fought back & Yugoslavia never happened.

      As my relatives tell me, the idea of a united land was never the problem, it was the corrupt leaders who wanted communism & had their own agenda to do so. I don't care what anyone would like to say, both of my grandparents are Croatian & I know the truth. I don't treat Serbians or Bosnians any differently to anyone else & I always feel strangely connected with them because at one point in time, we were united, but if they want to try & tell lies - I will stand by the truth.

    • profile image

      Almir 3 years ago

      Bosnia was first called Bosana by the Romans who came in 369AD. They put the people there in the Illyrian category. Serbs only came to Europe in 700AD. So... what happened to the Illyrians?

      They became Bosnians, some just remained Albanians. Truth sucks serb bitches

    • profile image

      kat 3 years ago

      Wow. So much disagreement. I'm seeking truth because there were so many lies told to me about my ancestry. I need to know why. My mother was adament in that we were Croatian. In my research, my grandfather came over on a boat. They were married by proxy. He was a simple fisherman. How is it then that i have his handmade gold cufflincks.? A simple Serb fisherman from Debrovnik? I'm researching for my family book. I am beginning to believe he was Muslim that fell in love with a Croatian Catholic woman. The cuff

    • profile image

      Bosna 3 years ago

      The ancient Illyrians fought the Serbs and Croats and retreated to the mountains. When the Turks came, we saw a friend in that they were enemies of our enemies. We accepted Islam right away (according to Serb historians, 80% of bosnian muslims converted in the first 5 years) because the turks wanted to rule the region through the head of churches (catholic and orthodox) as they did elswhere. We would not accept that and so chose Islam so we could remain unbeholdent to Serbia. Genetically speaking, it has been proven that Bosniaks have the illyrian genes that they share with their Albanian brothers.

      To sum it up. Bosniaks are not Serbs or Croatians who took Islam. They are Albanians who took slavic language, but could never get over their ethnic differences.

      Serbs always claim they can tell the difference between a Bosnian and Serbian. If we are the same, how can you tell?

      We are not. Once Albania and Bosna reunite in our traditional brotherhood of Illyrianism, (and use both of our affiliatians with Turkey (or did you think that was coincidental that we both allied with Turks)) to make stronger bonds, the Serbian and Croatian lies of Jugoslavia will become distant memory.

    • profile image

      True 3 years ago

      The terms Serbs and Croats didn't exist 300-500-600-700 years ago and history only recognize one name with tree religious that is Bosnjanin -Bosnjak- Bosanac, but in last 100-150 years the nationalist from Serbia and Croatia tried to split our land and also they killed so many Bosnjaks - Bosnjana - Bosanaca , they also killed orthodox and catholic people because they choose to be Bosnians. You have to know also that Bosnia was Kingdom way back in 12-13 -century and people who lived there had name Bosnjani with different religious ( Heretics (bogumili) catholic ,orthodox and after Ottoman Impair took over Bosnia Kingdom all Heretics voluntarily accepted Islam and later huge number Christians as well. Ethnic group Bosnjaci -Bosnjanci - Bosanci is very old term and Bosnia history went through a difficult period of political manipulation by other states (present Serbia and Croatia), which includes the elimination of Bosnian identity , rewriting our history, ethnic and religious discrimination and that is the reason why we still have issues with our identity some comments above clearly show that. If some of you guys want to truly learn something about Bosnia and Bosnians please read the books from Germans and England authors I am sure they will not be subjective about this matter

    • profile image

      marija-loznica 3 years ago

    • profile image

      Nameless guy 3 years ago

      Those are actually different dialects of one same language,they have the same grammar and the same words,with a few exceptions.

    • profile image

      Scandic 3 years ago

      To be honest, there is no ethnic differences between bosnians, serbs and croats. Religion can choose anyone. They speak very same language with different dialects or accents. Yogoslavians are the one same people that have made huge issue on the minor issues.

    • profile image

      bosanac 3 years ago

      Stupid serbs and croats. WHO IS KOTROMANIC.

      Educate yourselves. I am atheist and still proud bosnians. To the croat pig who says Croatia conquer bosnia so we croat. stupid bitch. so did turkey, rome, byzantine, the hellenes, celts, etc etc. to the serbs. ahahahha. you had a chance. say what you want We WILL NEVER BE the same as you NOW! Understand. ITS OVER. WE WON. THE WORLD HAS RECOGNIZED US. that means you can suck a big fat Bosnian dick. in 2 generations Yugoslavia will be ancient.

      to all my brothers who love bosna. stop being blinded by our enemies. srpska republika come back to the embrace of your brothers. we have been pagans, bogomils, orthodox, and catholic. but now we know there are no sky gods. lets be brothers again.

      to my Serbian and Croatian brothers. lets work together and fuck Russia and America and Italy and EU and be strong again. If you try to deny Bosna or our people then we will kill you from the inside. we are in center of Croatia and Serbia. we will always fuck up your coutnries and economies if you don't recognize us.

    • profile image

      Sigh 4 years ago

      The religion debate is incredibly boring. I'm not religious and still Bosnian. There really is no other reference needed. Also why are many of you arguing over who conquered what hundred of years ago?

      Right now the borders are what they are and priorities should be firmly focused on unemployment, healthcare, education and transparency in the government. Instead we argue over this irrelevant shit which is exactly what our corrupt politicians want us to do so we ignore the greater issues. Fantastic, let's have a diabolical economy, hate each other and allow a political elite to get richer.

    • profile image

      miloc 4 years ago

      Mike. serbs do not have illyrian history they came from north india in 6a.d. to the balkans. The only groups with illyrian ancestry are albanians with the biggest percentege. and bosnians and romanians

    • profile image

      tzze 4 years ago

      Again 16 year olds arguing about religion,history,nationality and they didin't even live when there was war in Bosnia.

      Please shut up.

    • profile image

      rsana 4 years ago

      The non muslim people in bosnia are called PRAVOSLAVCI and have nothing to do with serbs or serbia, you "SERBS" are just to stuck up to admit, it's just the kind of ppl you are...! :)

      And you know what, if there was no such a thing as the Bosnian language, the country of Bosnia wouldn't exist either so get over yourself babe xoxo :*

    • profile image

      truth 4 years ago

      S. E.

      stop the nonsense

      Bosnian tribes were living in bosnia long before the arrival of croats or serbs

      so stop trying to clain our lands like your ancestors did and failed meny times

      what if someone told you that "half of all croats are hungarians who speak a slavic language instead of hungarian

      and the other half are catholic serbs who convertd from orthodoxy, and/or catholic bosnians who converted from bosnian heretical church"?

      stop the anti-bosnian bullshit because it was already proven wrong

      long live free Bosnia

    • profile image

      S.E. 4 years ago

      medieval bosna was croatian land over 500 years and bosniaks (or muslims-how they called themselves over 20th century)are youst croatians and little bit of serbs who took muslim religion from turkish ottoman empire

    • profile image

      Istina 4 years ago

      The muslims who live in Bosnia are called Bosnjaks and the serbs and croats are simly "bosanac".

      The language, in simple terms, are divided in three dialects; ekavski, ikavski and jekavski. Ikavski are mainly spoken by dalmatians in Croatia, ekavski are spoken by serbs in serbiya and jekavski is spoken by anyone in Bosnija as well in some parts och Montenegro. To complicate the matter more, there is even kajkavski spoken by some croats. Macedonian and slovenian are totally differnet languages with some similarities..

      End of lesson!

    • profile image

      zasto 4 years ago

      Just to clarify,not all Bosnians are muslims.

      Many are also Catholic and Orthodox.

      My dad is Croatian,my mum is a Bosanska(Bosnian).

      Both are Catholic.

      In Yugoslavia era,things were somewhat segregated but not totally.

      Eg Croatian Bosnian would go to Croatian Church,Serbian Bosnian would go to Orthodox Church,and Bosnian Muslims would go to Mosque.

      Bosnians are not all genetically the same.Some have Turkish blood background,others like me,don't.

      Even amongst Bosnian muslims,genetics vary as some have Turkish blood and others are full slavs/Europeans that converted to Islam due to the ruling era/culture/pressure.

      At the end of the day,we are all humans and all people from the Balkans are joined-either by blood or by culture.

      There's no other place on earth like the Balkans and people need to use love, wisdom and humility to grow this region,as wars start from foolishness,greed,pride and selfishness etc...

    • profile image

      correction 4 years ago

      go back and see who your grandad was, there is only 20% chance he was serb

      there are not 8 million serbs on balkan,

      they call themselves serbs but are not,

      15% of all people who call themselves serbs are in fact decendants of turks,

      30% of bosnians, 10% of albanians,

      the rest are bulgars, hungarians, gypsis,

      these are genetic and historic facts

    • profile image

      marko 4 years ago

      You're talking nonsense, go back a little back in history, look at your roots and you'll see who was your grand grand dad, and do not say that all Muslims are all creted from Serbs but muslims from Bosnia of course they are, you're just jealous that you do not manage the whole of Bosnia Btw ... Balkan has about 8 million Serbs, 6 million in Serbia, close to 2 million in Bosnia, Montenegro 200,000, and you even 2 million...

      Pricas gluposti , ne vrijedi raspravljat, ja znam i ko sam i sto sam i kojim jezikom govorim ,za razliku od vas ;)

    • profile image

      correction 4 years ago

      in bosnia live one people, bosnians of muslim, orthodox, and catholic faith,

      in serbia, live many people (serbs,turks,hungarians,albanians,bulgarians,bosnians,croatians,romanians,gypsis) all of orthodox faith,

      they think they are the same thing, bit they are not, just because they are all orthodox, and speak the bosnian lanuage, and call it serbian

      marko knows nothing of history, je things that serbs of 1 million created muslims of 2 billion

      marko govori bosanski

    • profile image

      marko 4 years ago

      No one Serb in Bosnia would not say that they are Bosnians, Croat would not say that they are bosnians too, Serbs are Serbs , Croats are Croats, but Muslims do not know what they are, some are muslims ,some are bosnians ,some are bosniaks ,who knows, because they create a campaign to list population, we are Bosniaks, because they have lost their compass and do not know what they are.

    • profile image

      marko 4 years ago

      The only historical fact that Muslims are created from Serbs...

      In bosnia one language serbian, three nations : serbs, croats, and ,,bosniaks,,

      no decision can not be made without the Serbs so...

      Vi pricajte na vasem dijelu svojim jezikom ,mi cemo na nasih 50 posto nas i to je to :)

    • profile image

      correction 4 years ago

      serbian is the fake version, it was copied from the bosnian language, that is a historical fact,

      bosnia will rise agaun,

      for in bosnia live many religions but one people,

      but in serbia lives one religion but many ethnicities.

      i stevan ljepo govori bosanski

    • profile image

      Stevan 4 years ago

      Hahaha ,sta cuh ja to ,Srbi da se gube iz Bosne ,zbog cega ? U Bosni ima 40 posto srba ,oko 17 posto Hrvata ,sto muslimane cini da budu nacionalne manjine ,tako dodje , a i zbog cega bi se gubili iz Bosne kad je 51 posto teritorije srpsko ??? Ne kapiram...Nama se itekako svidja Bosna ,a narocito Republika Srpska !

    • profile image

      marko 4 years ago

      of course serbian exist , people speak serbian in Serbia, Montenegro and Republika Srpska , but you can call your language whatever u want but people know ,,bosnian,, is fake language ,just like ur nation.

    • profile image

      correction 4 years ago

      and serbian exists like mexican, australian, american, and canadian

    • profile image

      marko 4 years ago

      bosnian and montenegrin language exist like ,, venezuelian,, and ,,brasilian,,

    • profile image

      correction 4 years ago

      Ivan, the oldest form of "serbo-croatian" is bosnian, there are more than 2 ethnic groups in the west balkan,

      in bosnia you have bosniaks of three religions but the orthodox and catholics call themselves serbs and croats, which they are not

      some bosniaks converted from the bosnian church to orthodoxy under byzantine rule and started calling themselves serbs, others converted to catholicism under hungarian rule and called themselves croats,

      serbs and croats and also orthosox and catholic bosniaks who call themselves serbs and croats don't want to accept the fact that the language that they speak was first written down as bosnian.

    • profile image

      Ivan 4 years ago

      It's simple, the language we speak is Serbo-Croatian. There are two ethnic groups in the Western Balkans: Serbs and Croats. There is no Bosnian language at all.

      Bosniaks ("Bosnians") are Muslim Croats or Muslim Serbs.

      That is the truth and every single "Bosnian" nowadays doesn't want to accept the fact that their ancestors are either Croats or Serbs. End of story.

    • profile image

      correction 4 years ago

      bosnians are the oldest (genetically) that is a fact

      today bosnia is split up between muslim, orthodox and catholic bosnians, the problem is the orthodox and catholics believe that they are serbs and croats

      Dalmatia and sandzak are historically and genetically bosnian

      but the orthodox sandzakians believe they are serbs

      and the dalmatians believe they are croats

      so throughout history these lands were ruled by bosnians who called themselves otherwise.

      and based on historic facts, the true language is Bosnian,

      without bosnian, there would be no serbian or croatian

      and ivan,

      if you are from any part of bosnia, dalmatia or sandzak region, you are a bosniak, whatever faith you might be.

    • profile image

      Ivan 4 years ago

      Bosnians don't have a language. Being Bosnian doesn't mean that you're Slavic, there were only two Slavic groups that migrated from the area around Ukraine to the Western Balkans, the Serbs and the Croats. That Croats ruled modern BiH for exactly 601 years! All of BiH is Croatian land and every "Bosnian" is just a Muslim Croat. The reason why there are so many Serbs in modern day BiH and Croatia is because when the Serbian Kingdom was conquered by the Bulgarian Empire, King Tomislav allowed many Serbs to take refuge in the Kingdom of Croatia. That is the only reason, and it's the truth.

      So to sum things up, being Bosnian means you're either a Croat/Serb. That's it.

      Being a Croat means that you're of that particular Slavic "tribe".

      Being a Serb means that you're of that particular Slavic "tribe".

    • profile image

      Tomislav 4 years ago


      Croatia and Serbia own Bosnia whether you believe it or not. The first King of Croatia conquered what is now bosnia and Croatia. During the Battle of Kosovo is where all the contradiction takes place. It was The Serbian Military vs. The Turks in the year of 500. Some Croatians and Serbians changed their religion so the turks would not kill, tax and do other things to them. These are called Bosnianks "Bosnian Muslims". When the war broke out Serbia wanted the ethnically cleanse the Muslims of Bosnia so they wouldnt carry the stigma anymore. Croatia did the same thing, but we didn't ethnically cleanse. After the Dayton Agreement, Bosnia was comprised and mode of Republic of Srpska and The Federation of Bosnia. The Federation of Bosnia were comprised of 51% Bosnianks and Croats. the 49% was made up of Serbs and is still of today. If you still don't believe me then ask yourself this. Where did Bosnia come from if Croatia conquered the land first?

    • profile image

      The Truth 4 years ago

      Hey rule, I know more about this than you, yeah it's Wiki but it's in english and reglated

      1. Slavs are definetly not the oldest in the Balkan, saying so has made you lose what little credibility you have, Illyrians, Tracians, Hellens, and are probably the oldest, Slavs arrived in the 7th century. Fact

      2.If there was no Bosnian, there would be no Serbian or Croatian, deal with it

      3. Bosnian Cyrillic (Bosancica) is used by Serbs now,

      4. Bosnians had a better time under Ottoman Empire than under Yugoslavia

      Bosnians converted from Bogumillism to Islam because the turks were friendlier, the Bogumills who became Orthodx and Catholic didn't dissapear, I wonder where they are hmmm.

      For a person who boasts an education you sure have bad writing skills

      Bosnian Dictionary the oldest official dictionary in the so called "Serbo-Croatian" written in 1631, then copied in 1818 as the "Serbian" Dictionary I did apply, and they were very happy with my knowledge

      My grandparents all say Bosnian

      The Truth does hurt, but not me, ;-)

      You cannot fight Truth with propaganda forever.

    • profile image

      Rule 5 years ago

      The Truth, you have no idea what you are talking about, first off all who in the hell uses wiki as reliable source, Slavs are the oldest people on Balkan always will be. There is no such thing as Bosnian language and cyrillic for Bosnian language. Non of Bosnian here or back home know how to read cyrillic. The matter of fact is that during the Turkinsh invasion of Balkan Bosnian people so called today took on the religion not to get killed, that is fact and you can find it in any EDUCATIONAL BOOKS. Take world history at Washington University, or USA or accredited university. So called Bosnian dictionary it doesn't exits. Try applying to any job in USA and it will ask you for any other languages do you speak there is only Serbo-Croatian, no Bosnian. Truth hurts but ask your grandparents not your father we been here son before everyone else, we mad them not they made us. Blah blah

    • profile image

      Geez 5 years ago

      Ok so what your telling me is, you live all within one and others states, you all speak the same language, only accents divide you but you separate your natioanlities based on religion? hahahah sounds to me your all one and the same

    • profile image

      Friendly 5 years ago

      Well, I needed some information, and I got it. Thanks for the article.

    • profile image

      The truth 5 years ago

      "serbo-croatian" is a political name, it can be called Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian or Montenegrin but there was never a race called "serbo-croats"

      If you google "serbo croation" then look it up on Wikipedia you can find three facts somewhere in the article

      1 the oldest written object in the language was the Humac Tablet written in Bosnian cyrillic (Bosancica)

      2 the first official dictionary was the Bosnian-Turkish Dictionary

      3 during Austro Hungarian occupation, the language of all ethnic groups in Bosnia was called Bosnian, but was later changed to Serbo-Croatian and to a lesser extent Croato-Serbian

      so let everyone call it what they want, but if we must call it one name then it would have to be Bosnian

      take this from a guy whose family is several ethnic groups.

    • profile image

      truth 5 years ago

      the thing is everyone clains the language to be their own

    • profile image

      Bosanac i Hercegovac 5 years ago

      Srbima ako se nesvida u nasoj dragoj BIH neka se pokupe u prokletu Srbiju a tako isto i Hrvatima porucujem.

    • profile image

      christina 5 years ago

      No wonder there was such a horrible war in Bosnia-you people have the same roots, your language, according to you citizens of the country, is so similar that you can all understand each other, but you are all obsessed with your differences. That's just insane, and so is what happened in your country. A normal country would be proud of the ways that the people are the same, but you people are each too proud of how different you all are-what nonsense, and look what it led to.

    • profile image

      jaka 5 years ago

      You all are the same people and those languages croatian,serbian,bosnian do not even exist. There is just one language which is called serbo-croatian language.

    • profile image

      Bogumil 5 years ago

      Bosnian language doesn't exist?lol this whole propaganda is crumbling right before ur eyes.look up (bosancica)original language of bosnians whom the Serb Vuk copied word for word in his creation of "serb language".If serbs were to drop all of bosnian words out of their language and turkish too they would be like monkeys using their hands and feet.

    • profile image

      Hrvatica 5 years ago

      Chicha, as you said, you live in AUSTRALIA, which means you've got no right to say that Bosnians are the same as Croats or Serbs. Our ancestors might be the Illyri, but we are different. I am Croatian and I live in Croatia and I learnt on my first year of high school that BiH does indeed have a language of its own, which is called "bošnja?ki". That's what our Croatian teacher told us, some recognize "bošnja?ki" as their official language, some don't. I can understand by their way of talking whether they're Bosnian or Serbian or Montenegrin, etc. We have very similar languages and still understand each other. Croatian and Serbian were recognized as official languages, so why not let BiH have a language and ethnicity of their own, instead of telling them they are Croats/Serbs? Let them create something of their own. :/ Then you have to say that Ukrainian has no right to exist as a language because it sounds like a dialectal form of Croatian or vice versa? That's stupid.

    • profile image

      Chicha 5 years ago

      I live in Australia and I speak English I cannot speak Australian. To say other wise is to show lack of maturity. So called Muslims in Bosnia don't know what they are they use religion as an identity. The truth is they should call themselves Serbs or Croats. There will never be peace in the Balkans as long as false religions continually collide.

    • profile image

      Hrvatica 5 years ago

      Si ti glup? Itekako da postoji bosanski jezik, kreten?ino. Zove se "bošnja?ki". .____.' Vrati se u srednju školu i u?i.

    • profile image

      unknown 5 years ago

      bosanski jezik ne postoji

    • profile image

      w/e 6 years ago

      There is a Bosnian language, a Serbian language and a Croatian language. Myself being half Serbian and half Montenegrin can tell you all that most of the differences between Bosnian and Serbian are very subtle. For example the word to cook in Serbian is "Kuvati" and the word to cook in Bosnian is "Kuhati"

      To be honest in my opinion if you know one of the languages you don't need to separately learn another. I regularly visit both places and i get along just fine.

      However Croatian is most different to the two i would say. Still follows pretty much the same rules but may be trickier to understand some words if you haven't heard them before in Serbian or Bosnian.

      Hope this was a help to you all :)

      (Also the reason why my English is good is because i go to a British school and was raised in an English speaking country)

    • profile image

      rako 6 years ago

      who ever say there is no BOSNIA but they come from Bosnia ask them to show you visa or I-94 and see what is on bottom .When they was having interview they was kissing but of officer for interview to come to USA, why they didn't go SVRBIJA(ops).

    • profile image

      omega23495 6 years ago

      bosnia has its own language and it was in europe during the middle ages but bosnia became known as a country during some time and it does not matter what religion you believe in ALL INHABITANTS OF BOSNIA ARE BOSNIAN.

    • profile image

      Bandur 6 years ago

      Oh God it never ends....hehe

    • profile image

      LINGUISTIKA 6 years ago


      The Council is at the level of municipalities and counties donjelo a comprehensive view of quality air pressure, and is related to reduced traffic cross the center of inhabited places.


      Svet je na ravni ob?in in okrožij donjelo celovit pogled kakovost zra?nega tlaka, in je povezan z zmanjšano prometu pre?ka center naseljenih krajih.


      Vije?e je na razini op?ina i županija donjelo cjelovit prikaz kakvo?e tlaka zraka, te je u svezi s time smanjilo promet kroz središte naseljenog mjesta.


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    • profile image

      Bosniak 6 years ago

      i agree with both of you sinisa_sina and dan. to some extent however you guys are creating causations from something that isn't so simple. Yes Bosniaks, Croats, and Serbs are all one people. The war seemed to use the term ethnicity but it was more of an association with a religious group. As far as borderlines go, Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia always had fluctuating borders within their history. your identity at the end of the day is your own, however i find it quite problematic for an orthodox christian in Bosnia to full out call himself a serb when his entire lineage traces back to Bosnia and not Serbia. Nationalism is an easy way to organize people and it is clear that religion was used to put people in categories. For example I am a Bosnian Muslim, if i converted to orthodox christianity does that make me a serb all of the sudden? This is why i have an issue with the entire yugoslav nation in general. With regards to Bosnia and religion, Professor Milos Mladenovic (an ethnic serb) talked about the islamization of Bosnia. When the Southern slavs settled in these areas and occupied from macedonia to slovenia, those lands were called by illyerian Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia but even those names had a linguistic twist that changed throughout history. The entire nation accepted christianity, under roman rule. These are the ancestors of Bosniaks, Serbs, and Croats. during the great schism of 1058 we see the first split of catholicism and orthodox christianity. if you look at the geographical position of the area you will see that the byzantine empire in the east and the holy roman empire in the west had an effect on the people. The east tended to favour the orthodox sect and pledged allegiance to byzantium. The west pledged allegiance to holy roman empire and accepted catholicism. Bosnia however was divided because it was in the middle of both empires, the Eastern part favoured orthodoxy and the western part catholicism. As a Bosnian Muslim I can agree no one can argue that Islam existed prior to 1463 which is the annexation of Bosnia into the Ottoman Empire. However about the same time there was a new movement of christianity that was considered very heretic. Bogomilism existed in Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and even some parts of swizerland and Germany and this heretic sect was the predominant religion that accepted Islam in Bosnia. The question is why did it survive in Bosnia and not in others. Again professor Mladenovic emphasizes the geostrategic position. The Orthodox christians and Catholics in their predominant area eliminated this heresy but in Bosnia, the religion found a safe haven because the orthodox and catholics were busy each other. During the Kotromanic dynasty in Bosnia, the 2 kings i believe were catholic but the later kings like Tvrto accepted Bogomilism which basically protected the Bogomil population. The conquest of Bosnia by Sultan Mehmet II granted autonomy for all religions in Bosnia and his firman declaring so is found in a church in southern Bosnia. The nobility in Bosnia were predominantly Bogomil and they found opportunity with the Ottomans. This resulted the first wave of conversions to Islam. It is safe to assume that the peasantry would follow. at the height of the Ottoman empire in the 16th century, the area was prosperous and we even see catholics and orthodox christians converting to Islam. This just shows the nature of Bosnia as a country. however in terms of ethnicity we must think in a historical sense. Nationalism began in the mid 18th century and prior to that a persons identity would be their religion, language and city... nothing of a nation. FOr example if i went to Istanbul they would ask me for my name. I would say, my name is Abdullah from Brcko. my Identity would be Muslim. Even today especially in the case of Yugoslavia do we find religion as probably the most important part of our ethnicity. And it wasn't until the Serbian Nationalist movement around the time of the balkan wars do we see an organization of any slav in that area who was orthodox as serbian. Nationalism as it exists is an easy way of organizing people and this was a clear determinant in how to view each ethnicity in Bosnia. The term Bosniak wasn't used until recently however this new word doesn't take away from their Bosnian claim because of their religion. In fact everyone in Bosnia (for the most part) is a Bosnanc. If i were to organize people i would organize everyone as Bosnian and keep their secondary identity as being Muslim, Catholic and Orthodox Christian. At the end of the day I have lost my grandfather, uncles and cousins just because they were Muslim. It is a fact that ethnic cleansing did occur to cleanse Bosnia of "Non Serbs" and an attempt to incorporate Bosnia as a Greater serbia however that's not to say that Atrocities were not committed by catholics and Muslims. In fact they did, the media tended to show the Bosnian Side much more because the Muslims were backed up by Nato. Even though My bias still favours a more Bosniak side, I don't think that there is much argument to say that Serbian nationalist were the General Aggressors. At the end of the day, Serbs and Croats are my brothers. I will fight to the end to protect justice and their lives if treated unjustly even if it was committed by a Muslim. I really hope Bosniaks, Serbs, and Croats Jump on this boat with me because the situation in Republika Srpska is not looking good. Repost this As many places as possible and stand united under the banner of Justice before the banner of REligion and nationality. God Bless all the people of Bosnia, Serbia, and Croatia.

    • profile image

      sinisa_sina 6 years ago

      "Bosniak" you can be angry as much as you wish. But, the comment I wrote above is truth. We was and we are one people, or nation if you like it in that way. Only thing separate us is religion, and from last years hate. But hate who others bring between us. Unfortunately we embrace it.

      Because of that, and your nationalism, you hate me because I belong to nation of Serbs. And you hate your self because your ancestors were serbs who took Islamic religion.

      I don't hate you nor anyone else. I

      I lost family members in civil war to but, it was war, and that war luckily ended. And we must preserve peace.

    • profile image

      Dan 6 years ago

      I've been following the history of that area since I was in high school and lived with a Serbian family in Germany. Yes there may be religious and some language differences as is with the case with many ethnic groups like Germans, but your roots are the same. ALL of Serbia, B&H and Croatia can trace your roots back to the Illyrian tribes who settled that area thousands of years ago. Get over the religious differences. My family was kicked out of Alsace by the French because they were Protestant Germans 300 years ago and we're still not sour about it. I'm now Catholic and my wife is Protestant... every one has their own beliefs, deal with it. Quit murdering people or hating people because of their beliefs of being born that way. We are all human and you are all related... somewhere down the line but you still are. You great great great great great Grandfathers probably played chess together on Sundays.

    • profile image

      bosniak 6 years ago


    • profile image

      sinisa_sina 6 years ago

      Hehe. I must say this. All you folks argue about my country, my languages and my people are funny. Firstly I'm serbian, living in B&H, entitet Republic off Srbska. Bosnia And Herzegovina is and was always been multi-ethnic country. In former Yugoslavia there was several official languages like, Serbian and Croatian as largest two spoken, than Macedonian and Slovenian. That is truth who noone can alter. The Bosnian language didn't existed as official language . Like Montenegrian it were only part off Serbian language, only thing and only difference is in emphasis and accents people use during conversation. And Bosniaks as nation is very young one, thay1971 became official nation off Bosnia 1971. Thill that thay were declared as minorities in ex Yugoslavia.

      Only difference between bosnian peoples now is religious orientation. Nowadays bosniaks are Serbs and Croats who took Islamic religion, during Turkish empire.

    • profile image

      ... 6 years ago

      There are people in Bosnia with different religions, but they are all Bosnians! Religion and nationality are not the same thing!

      And there are three languages: Serbian, Croatian AND Bosnian! They are similar, but not the same!

      So, please educate yourself...

    • profile image

      Asashii 6 years ago

      same language different dialects,like spanish from spain or spanish from Mexico, a cro can understand a bosnian and etc.... just might spell different all bosno-whatever!!!!

    • profile image

      6 years ago


      For someone who is a serb it is odd that you do not know this.. I assume you do not know that much about ex-Yugoslavia, since you claim there is no such thing as a bosnian language.

      There is in fact a bosnian language, there is a serbian language, and a crotian one.

      I cannot believe you could make such a mistake. Your statement about the bosnian language not existing is both untrue and very offensive towards bosnians!

      Educate yourself before writing something like that.

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      smetla vam j e juga u kojoj smo svi zajedno zivjeli. sad vam smeta i bosna. idi u picku materinu cetnik jedam

    • profile image

      Moravian 7 years ago

      Interesting...well I'm from Moravia (Czech rep.), living in the USA, and I always wondered if one can really tell the difference between a Serb and a Bosniak "just by looking at them". I kind of thought so - I watch a lot YouTube vids about Bosnian war - but wanted to know if it's for real. But how can there be a visible difference? Don't you all people in BiH, Serbia and Hrvatska have the same roots?

      Anyway, thanks for an interesting article...


    • profile image

      lily 7 years ago

      thank you

      that helped me so much

    • profile image

      lol 7 years ago

      you said fucky

    • profile image

      hater 7 years ago

      uhm EXCUSE ME. there is a bosnian language, there is a croatian language, there is a friggen serbian language too. you call yourself a serbian, yet you don't know what the fucky you're talking about!


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