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What is your cat trying to tell you? - Cats body language part 2

Updated on November 29, 2007

As we continue with the body language of cats, we come to the next stop that also tells us a lot cats and that is the ears.

When ears are rotating (even though it might sound vaguely Exorcists like) it only means your cat is trying to located the source of sound. When ears are forward and erect it also means your cat is alert and ready. When the ears are pressed into the head your cat is defensive and is actually trying to protect hers or his ears from harm however when ears are swiveled sideways the cat is on the offensive. One ear forward one ear back, cat is ambivalent.

Now tails are another story altogether. Tail can tell you a lot about your cat's state of mind, so it would be good to pay attention. For any cat owner can recognize the signal off puffed up cat's tail it means cat is scared and might attack, but when they tuck the tail between the legs like dogs it means they are scared but also defensive.

When the tail is high and erect it is anticipation wile erect tail that switches to one side means your cat is feeling playful. Tail low with the tip twitching your cat has just gone all predatory. When tails switches in wide arcs and twitches from time to time, it means your cat is in heightened aggression and affect (now I know why my male cat always does that when he sees the neighbor's male cat). And this last one would have come in handy - in females tail completely switched to one side means sexual receptivity (little did I know it was that she was trying to convey to our male cat, but you live and learn).

Also how your cat marks can provide an insight into what is going on in their brain.

Even though cats in general spray to mark their territory, sometimes they can empty their anal sacks in the state of extreme fear. Some think this way cat wants to mark the territory so he would never go that route again. Any cat owner will tell you how their cats sometimes headbutt their shoes, legs or even their face. Cats do it with their cheeks, forehead or chin because they are basically marking you or the object with their scent, especially if you have just came from the outside. I was always of an opinion that cats scratch furniture to sharpen their claws however that is only a part of the problem it seems. They also have scent glands in their paws and this way they are marking the territory. My female cat started scratching on the doors a while back, when our tomcat has decided to sleep in her quarters. Now I do know she is not sharpening her claws just trying to lay territorial claims.

Sometimes a purr is just a purr, however the swish of the tail can tell you a lot about what is going on with your cat. Try to pay attention and your communication with your cat should greatly improve.


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