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What to do with a newspaper once it's already been read - other than throwing it away?

Updated on August 2, 2008

Here is a short list of things that can be done with old newspapers:

  • Use them on your scrapbooks. You can add paint to them or just leave them as is and create fun, "antique" style pages.
  • Use them as cage liners for animals such as birds, mice, guinea pigs & other small pets.
  • Instead of wasting paper for your younger toddler-aged children, let them use the newspaper to paint/color/draw their pictures on.
  • Don't have money to buy liners for your bathroom/kitchen drawers? Use sheets of newspapers in the meantime.
  • Make paper dolls.
  • Make a homemade pinata.
  • Alter an old book or a journal.
  • Send it to your out-of-state/country relatives/friends to give them something new to read.
  • Use it as garden mulch. This discourages weed growth!
  • Make a kite.
  • Build a fire.
  • Use as a filler if you're sending a package to someone or even to stuff a doll or stuffed animal.


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