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What will it take for Americans to truly fix their government, and how bad will it have to get to motivate them?

Updated on April 14, 2008

Quick answer: the same as last time

No matter what side of the political aisle you're on, something in America needs fixing. The real question is how do we go about it?

Because a government is made up of people, it can never be perfect and thus will always need to be in a state of improvement. But how to improve it is the problem, as there are many ways people want to fix the government. Some say reduce government, others say we need more of it. History has a tendency to repeat itself, so let's examine it.

The United States was founded upon revolution. England told us what to do from across the ocean, raised taxes, and pushed their government upon us without fair representation. "Taxation without representation."

But you already knew that, in fact most Americans know this small, basic part of our history. The rub is that the American Revolutionary War was also our first civil war. While many Americans wanted nothing to do with England and King George, plenty of other Americans were happy with the crown and didn't want to be separated from England. Not only were Americans fighting the British for our independence, Americans were fighting Americans.

It all happened very slowly, really. We didn't just decide to break from England because of one infraction. There were several, as is written in the Declaration of Independence, and they happened over time. England was interfering with our rights, the rights we thought we deserved to have. And over time, we got fed up with them telling us what to do. Americans won't be bullied, with plenty of proof throughout history.

Then we cracked. We got fed up. Enough is enough. So we asked for our independence nicely. Representatives went to England to beg for independence. But we didn't get it. Fine. We asked again. Still, we were not given independence. Okay, that's just great. So half of America decided to go to war with England and the other half of America for independence. The rest, as they say, is history.

There are many parallels today. A large percentage of Americans are fed up with what the government is telling us to do, or what we have to do, or what we have to accept. Another large percentage of Americans want the government to do more, to raise more taxes, to implement government healthcare, to increase spending for global warming and so forth.

Right now the country's pendulum is tilting toward the left. Taxes are high, spending is high, global warming is a phrase used more than any other. The media is increasingly showing a leftist bias. In point of fact, many institutions are leaning to the left, including the education system.

And here's what's starting to happen. People are getting fed up. Enough is enough. Questions are being asked: when will it stop? When will we say this is enough?

People are already saying it. Revolution is coming. The pendulum needs to swing back the other way. Americans don't like being told how to live their lives, how much money they HAVE to give to the government, what they should "tolerate," that they're guilty for the earth's rising temperature, that they must accept ideas they don't agree with in the name of open-mindedness, that they must take government healthcare because a small minority of Americans don't have it, that it's too bad we aren't shutting down the borders because it's too big of a task to build a wall, that we're going to make you buy a certain light bulb because we want you to, to improve the environment, and so on.

In other words, they have to keep pushing us. History has shown which side will win. America was formed on revolution, so that we could be free FROM government. There will be a revolution again and it's coming. There are those who think that the reason America does not see eye to eye with idea of government expansion is because the idea is not being expressed clearly. Let me tell you that it's the opposite. We're hearing you loud and clear. So just keep going. Keep pushing us and see how much we can take before we snap.

It's going to get worse. It needs to get to the point where it's absolutely ridiculous. Where taxes are too high, when global warming hysteria has peaked, when national healthcare is close to fruition, when something nasty sneaks across the border. Then it will happen. The pendulum will drop.


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    • WebFever profile image


      9 years ago from Minnesota USA

      So eloquently spoken. So true. You've completed what I began to create my Hub about 2 years ago. Using the images of the movie 'V for Vendetta', I was going to attempt to ask the question - Is THIS how far it must go?

      I agree with you. The pendulum WILL drop. It's only a matter of WHEN now.

    • Satori profile image


      10 years ago from California

      Greate write-up! =) Thanks for responding to my Request.

      It's interesting how liberals used to be about expanding the government to help people, and conservatives used to be about keeping it small and out of people's lives. Now we have the liberals expanding an already-expanding government without a lot of help that isn't dysfunctional, and conservatives who are about expanding the government even more to enforce an increasingly totalitarianistic political and monopolistic business structure, using a parody of traditional religious values to do it. The worst of both worlds. I quit making the left-wing, right-wing distinction at about the point that they're both flying us right into a bug zapper.

      It's disconcerting that this time, they have all the guns. With an economic and political system collapsing around our ears, they're training the troops for "urban combat" in other countries, making sure they know how to bust down doors, establish checkpoints, question and detain civilians, and essentially enforce a new system of rules and authority, making military personnel essentially overpowered police officers. Sound to you like they're preparing for a new domestic policy?

      Americans have become so apathetic that they're now subsidizing federal procedures like warrantless wiretapping and human torture - along with becoming a party to other forms of treason - with a third of their incomes. I've stopped accepting employment that necessarily withholds my money to make me a party to treason and human torture. It's hit me pretty hard financially, but it takes the lead right out of the glove with all this. And I can sleep at night. If everyone did that, we wouldn't have this problem. It's a nonviolent means of solving the problem. Have a look at this:

      There are lots of people online learning about stuff like this, and sharing research while we still have access to the 'net.,, and of course the Frog Farm archives on have tons of information on this stuff. A nonviolent approach to fixing our government before it all goes to pieces, by returning it to the small areas of authority it had when it was created - and could never grant itself the authority to grow beyond.

      I like this approach. Much less loss of life, better living, better quality of life... it's the best I've found. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, and whether you have any other functional alternatives. Thanks for writing such a candid article. It's a reassuring sign that we haven't abandoned sane recognition in our society.

      Be well,

      - Satori

    • jonixk profile image


      10 years ago from Lisbon

      I'm not an american, but the crises in usa is afecting indirectly my country also. I think the problem is global now, and the society as you know it, must change something, and it must be in the next 4 years, or everything could colapse.


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