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What Personality Make the Best Christian Visitor?

Updated on June 8, 2008

Personalities and Church Vistation Programs

There are 4 basic personalities, based on the profile I have given since 1981. First, you have the "D" personality. They are great innovators and planners for a new program and should be used to start a visitation program. A weak point is they aren't people-people and are not the best visitors. For example: if you send them to visit someone in the hospital, they stick their head in the door and say to the patient, how do you feel? After that they would like to leave.

Second, you have the "I" personality. This is a great personality for visiting a new family in the area. They aren't afraid of strangers but this personality is a poor hospital visitor. If a patient tells them about the operation they had, the "I" personality will have a worse story to tell about someone who had the same operation and died. Plus, they tend to talk too much and not listen.

Third, is the "S" personality. The "S" personality is tremendous for visiting hospital patients. They listen, are very sympathetic with the patient, and will make the patient feel better. Very poor visiting new families since this personality is shy and is uncomfortable around strangers.

Fourth, and last, is the "C" personality. Again, like the D personality, this person is a non-person-person. The "C" personality is most comfortable as the administrator of a visitation program or doing things for people. For example: they will bake a cake for a new family in the area, but will want someone else to take it to them. If sent to visit they will pray all the way up to the front door, Lord, don't let them be home.

What's the best way for a church to effectively visit? Use teams to visit. There is strength in numbers. For example: a good visitation team is the "S" and "D" personality. The "D" fears no one and will break the ice. Then, the "S" personality takes over and really does the visit. By using teams, it's a more effective visit both for the one being visited and the team doing the visiting.


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