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When Things go wrong keep still

Updated on July 3, 2008

Losing a job

When I started joining Hubpages I was experiencing the worst nightmare of losing a job, not only for myself but also my husband and my son. The articles that I have written as I understand now were all my outlets to ease the pain, the hardships that I was going through. In those days I was worried about losing my house and life itself as my husband saw himself up to this day. I thank Hubpages for all the chance to express my thoughts, my feelings and my ideas and also the comments that I received to this day. The latest comment that I received is a re-awakening for me being in a deep slumber.

Presently the scar is still there and what I can say is that when things go wrong, don't panic but look into your resources and put them together. We have re-mortgage our house in order to pay other credits and get the equity then we found out that an existing credit was not paid yet then we have to re-mortgage again. Now instead of paying the house in ten years, it went to twenty then another thirty years. We also lost all our savings by that time we have'nt thought of re-mortgaging our house so that was a big lesson to us. If we thought of re-mortgaging right away our savings should still be there. I maintained two bank accounts so the other bank took me in when my account was close at the other bank.

The new job that I was able to get is way, way low in wages that the job that I lose but it is amazing that I could pay our monthly mortgage and my husband is no longer working and my son is continuing his studies.


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