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When is it good to say what's on your mind? When isn't it?

Updated on September 15, 2008


I love to write; for me; a person with ADD it is sometime hard to collect ones thoughts and get what you mean to say out your mouth in an intelligible manner. Consequently I am a frequent mumbler, always unsure of what I am saying is appropriate.

So this question of yours gave me, a newbie to this whole "Hub" thing, something to ponder and a great reason to write; which is my favorite way to communicate. Truthfully, and this is my opinion of course as there can be no "correct" answer to your question, you should be able to say whatever you want whenever you want without consequence. That is the essence of free speech. However common sense, for the most part, should be able to guide you through a conversation or two, without you making a complete fool of yourself.

Assuming that most people out there, especially those reading this, are able to hold down a normal everyday conversation; this question really applies - the way I look at it - to political correctness and what is considered that status quo of today's vernacular. It is my feeling, that as long as what you say has something to do with the conversation, topic, issue, under discussion you should be allowed to say it and say it without recourse. In order to be productive as a group, society, civilization; the freedom of our thinking cannot be constrained. Evil thoughts and actions, as well as good ones, have played a role in shaping our world.

Everything must be brought to the table and considered if we are to make any progress. This applies to a simple hallway conversation about sports teams, to political debates in the UN. For instance this site prohibits profanity in posts, for what reason; I assume it is because child might read something or someone might get offended. This is what really gets to me. I DO NOT CARE if you are offended. It is not my action or words that are hurtful or offensive, they are electrons on a computer screen, a thought in my brain miles away from you; the pain the hurt the insult that you feel from reading those words is of your own creation.

You feel the way you feel because you WANT to feel that way. I am tired of our speech, thoughts, art, everything being stifled by a small group of individuals who don't realize that, opinions are individual in nature. By this I mean; you should and can say whatever you want at any time. It is however smarter to say something relevant and if it has a point other than being mean or spiteful. I practice this every day; the people who can't handle it are not my friends or associates, and there are a lot of them. However I also have a lot of friends and associates; and they are all just like me. Say what you have to say, straight up.


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    • Sally's Trove profile image

      Sherri 9 years ago from Southeastern Pennsylvania

      Thank you for sharing your interesting perspective on the difference between speaking and writing and the impact that difference has on you. I wonder if just this topic alone might be another Hub?

      I share your frustration about "PC" communication, which isn't effective communication when its purpose is to stifle rather than encourage opposing views. But it all gets down to your purpose, and which battles you want to fight in order to achieve your goals. If a confrontational exchange occurrs at the water cooler, does its residue prevent you from carrying on with the day's work, or worse, does it create a hostile environment in which everyone has difficulty working? If so, then is it worth it?

      About profanity on HubPages...I'm sure you read the Help documentation which says that "excessive profanity" is not allowed. This rule is in place because Google AdSense site content rules also disallow excessive profanity. I'm not sure what constitutes "excessive", since I've never thought about putting it to the test!

      I found your Hub quite interesting, and I hope to read more from you. Welcome to HubPages!

      Best regards, Sally