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Where The Hell Is Project Runway (and why am I not as upset about it as I sound)?

Updated on January 31, 2008

Another Wednesday night passed last night without a new episode of Project Runway. I looked to see that my Tivo was not going to record the show last night (as it was last week's episode playing in what is usually the new episode timeslot) I paused for a moment and then thought, "Hmm...oh well." That's right, me who was the official "Ultimate Fan Blogger" for Season 3 on (and almost season 4 before I was unceremoniously dropped - read about that here - scroll down the page kids ). And so I thought, "Where the hell is Project Runway (and why am I not as upset about it as I sound)?" - Don't Get Me Started!

As an avid fan who has watched from the first episode of season one (Yes, I love being "in" before it's fashionable to be in and with this show I was) I think last season was my big climax for the show and from the looks of season 4, the same can be said of the show's creators. I'm not sure what it is but it seems to me as if there are less people talking about the show this season than last season. Is it just me? I know that a lot of it may have to do with my pals not being able to introduce me as the blogger for Project Runway but it would seem that the show itself has found itself "out" as Heidi puts it, "One day you're in, the next you're out."

Even from the start I had to wonder what was going on with season 4. While it had started in August last year, this year it didn't hit our small screens until November. Then with all the holidays it was very on and off again. Even a pal of mine told me that before the season began Heidi Klum was on Oprah (talking about Seal's crotch) and sort of said, "Yeah, Project Runway is back...same judges new designers..." in a nonplussed sort of fashion. Well, if she can't get all fired up about it, how can we? So a late start, the host doesn't sound that excited about it and when it finally does hit the air, the designers seem well, okay I'm just going to say it MUCH less talented than the designers from previous seasons.

When someone used to get in a fight or cry I was into it. How about that hatred of Wendy in season one? Didn't we all hate her? Now we have Jillian who never gets her voice off the one note so she is Melany Monotone or Ricky who seems to cry an awful lot for no apparent reason. Give me the Daniels - fresh designers smoking the more experienced ones in challenges and us loving him for his quiet confidence. Is Christian the answer to that this season, I think not. How can I compare season to season? Easy, because previous to season four, each season gave us a new crop of designers to love, hate or be in awe of whether they were winning the week or taking a misstep and possibly being eliminated. Season four simply can't make the same claim. Let's face it, it's new Coke.

Will I continue to watch and blog on it, you bet. But I won't wonder where it is when it doesn't appear for a week and I won't talk about it on email and the phone with pals because really there's nothing to talk about. As with most things (like the common cold, Republican leaders, etc.) everything runs its course and I'm afraid the same can be said of Project Runway. "Where the hell is Project Runway (and why am I not as upset about it as I sound)?" - Don't Get Me Started!

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