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Where to Find Pictures of the Latest Celebrity Hairstyles

Updated on October 23, 2007

There's a good reason why hair salons keep their coffee tables stocked with the latest celebrity gossip magazines like "US Weekly", "In Touch" and "People". Those periodicals are stuffed with full-size, color glossies of the hottest celebrities on the scene right now. Stars like Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria and Vanessa Hudgens are rich enough to afford their own private hairdressers and hair stylists, and because of this their tresses always look terrific. Millions of women look to these celebrities for inspiration when it comes to doing their own hair. In the mid-90's, Jennifer Aniston's freshly layered, shaggy cut on the TV show "Friends" led to a nationwide onslaught of everyday women asking for "The Rachel". It quickly became the Y generation's version of Farrah Fawcett's 1970's "flip".

If you're considering a new do and need some inspiration, these magazines are a good place to start. Unfortunately, it means purchasing one after another until you find the style you're looking for and can tear it out and submit it to your hairdresser. Why not try the online equivalent instead?

Star Magazine

Star Magazine is full of celebrity style and red carpet photo galleries. But you'll want to direct your attention to the celebrity hairstyle section. They show close-up shots of celebs like Lindsay Lohan, Katie Holmes, Rihanna and Heidi Klum and give you step-by-step guidelines on how to achieve their colors and cuts.


Hailed as the #1 Celebrity Site on the Web, has a Style Watch section written in blog-like format that keeps a running commentary on the stars' latest and greatest hair changes. The Olsen twins mini-makeover and Sarah Jessica Parker's photos featuring her as a brunette are just two of the up-to-the-minute articles.

Us Weekly

Although they don't have a section solely devoted to hair, Us Magazine does offer tons of photo galleries, like Britney Spears' wig collection, for example, and "What Stars Dogs Say About Them" with plenty of celebrity pics for you to draw inspiration from.

Glamour Magazine

Think outside the box with a visit to Glamour, Britain's hottest celebrity gossip magazine. They usually feature updates on the same stars as we do in the U.S., but oftentimes you'll find famous British models and actresses that have equally impressive haircuts.

OK Magazine

OK Magazine's has a great section called Style Counsel that gives precise advice on how to get the look of each particular star and simple suggestions for better hair care. For example, to achieve healthy curls like Beyonce, sleep on a silk pillow instead of a regular cotton one. Silk causes less friction, which keeps the hair from splitting and frizzing during the night.

TMZ is one of the most popular celebrity gossip sites online. Strictly web-based, TMZ reads like a blog and does not have any section devoted solely to hair, but with dozens of photos being published every day of the week, you can browse until you find something that catches your eye.

Beauty Riot

Beauty Riot's free Celebrity Hairstyles section is an exhaustive gallery of over 525 pictures of celebrity cuts, with new photos being added every week. It's collections include curly hair, straight hair, formal updo's and romantic styles. And the best part is it offers free virtual makeovers so you can see how the haircuts would look with your face shape.

The Hair Styler

The Hair Styler showcases both male and female celebrity haircuts. Clicking on the celebrity of your choice brings you to a page with information on how to create each style, and advice on whether or not the selection would suit your hair's density and texture. An added bonus is their Virtual Hairstyle tool which lets you upload a picture of yourself and experiment on it with different cuts and colors.


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    • profile image

      Jackie Anders 8 years ago

      I love those virtual hairstyle tools. It really does help give you an idea of how you might look with a new do.