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Where to Start Internet Marketing

Updated on June 20, 2008

Topic #1

Looking for recommendations on Internet marketing? As a successful Internet marketer, I'll happily give them to you, but be aware that I don't pull punches. To quote my favorite character from Ratatouille, "Negative criticism is fun to write, and to read," so I'll be blowing a few people apart here. Bogus scams always tick me off.

Businesses do not come in boxes. I repeat, businesses do not come in boxes. There is no, and I mean no course, program or package out there that will EVER earn you a living income with little to no effort on your part. So don't fall for it, please?

If you want to earn a few hundred extra bucks a month by paying your $350 or whatever the latest Clickbank darling is going for these days, go nuts. But, be aware, they sell you a package that they swear requires very little commitment of time or effort on your end to make you wealthy. In return, unless you put in some SERIOUS time and effort, you get a webpage that adds nothing but colorful ads to the Internet. No value, no content, just the online equivalent of those ad sheets in the backs of cheap magazines. Unless you put in the effort and add said real content, and you know how to do solid, permanent search engine optimization already, you won't make a lot of money. Your competition has been doing this a really long time. There are even professional marketing firms competing with the likes of us, and underestimating them is a Very Bad Idea.

Many of these scams promise you marketing "books". Give me a break, those are so much fluff. Don't tell me to "get inside my market's head," tell me how to run online metrics, tell me how to split test my web pages, tell me where I can dig up keyword information, tell me how to create a hook from my unique selling position, oh for pity's sake you miserable. . .Ok, caffeine crash over. I'm better now, really I am.

There are a few courses out there on the Internet that deliver what they promise. However, you have to sit down, make the time, and grind your way through learning. If you're not willing to do that, delegate the task in question to someone who already knows how. Delegation should never be overlooked as an option, if you're bad at a particular task, delegating that task gets you back to doing what you're good at. Just don't buy a course, never read or apply it, and then wonder why you're not getting anywhere.

If you're going to use AdWords or it's equivalent, get a class on doing THAT too. I'm currently having fun on my fourth legal pad of notes from a 147 page marketing textbook on nothing but AdWords. I've only been through it twice, I expect to get at least eight more PADS worth of notes.

Should you fail to do this important research, you can find yourself easily owing Google or its equivalent thousands of dollars you don't have because you set your keywords up wrong. Or, you'll just never get any clicks and your business will fail anyway.

Find a niche you're genuinely interested in. Do not just advertise whatever you think will make you the most money, find your niche and stick with it! Decide upon a niche you love, and study the market for that niche. These will be your best friends. You will study them in detail, you will get to know them, their psychology, their wants and needs and deepest fears.

Start with the US Census for demographics information. Then, take a trip down to your local library and ask to see the magazine DIRECTORY. Not magazines, magazine directory. This tells you how big your market niche is, by how many magazines are published for it. Then, go look up those magazines and see what your competition is doing. See what fears your competitors' ads are playing on, how their ads are structured, etc. Now, dream up a character in as much detail as possible and market to him or her, specifically. That's the rough basics of how you do niche marketing.

If you have a really good idea, one that feeds into your passions first instead of profits, you can build a wonderful online business. Online businesses are becoming ever more popular as more people want alternatives to the daily office grind. By doing the appropriate amount of work and research, having a realistic timeline and getting to know the basic pitfalls, success naturally follows.


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