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Which Ear Can Most People Hear Best With

Updated on December 14, 2008

Which Ear Can People Hear Best With

So which can they?  Well, in the end hearing is pretty evenly distributed.  There can be cases of "earedness", however.  This is a similar concept to "handedness", where you prefer one hand over the other.  The difference is that this is choosing the preferred ear rather than arm.  One of the few cases where this comes up is speaking on the cell phone.  Most people tend to use the same ear on the side that they are "handed" (e.g. right or left-handed), although there is a minority that the opposite ear so that the preferred hand remains open for use. 

A person's ear
A person's ear
Struggling to it possible he's using the wrong ear??
Struggling to it possible he's using the wrong ear??

Latest Ear Research

Some of the most recent ear research, done in September 2004, shows conclusive evidence that each ear works differently. Scientists performed experiments on the ears of infants.  When more voice-like sounds were made, the right ear responded more strongly.  However, when more singing-like sounds were made, the left ear responded more strongly.  The scientific analysis (the artile is included below) shows that the right ear should be mostly spoken into and the left ear mostly sung into. This is how they process information optimally, according to this research. This may show why such a large majority of people prefer using their right ear to their left when talking on the cell phone.


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