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Who ate my biscuit?

Updated on September 23, 2008

Who ate my biscuit?

Little Johnny sat at the kitchen table mulling over his dinner plate his mother had placed in front of him. On the plate was a pork chop, green beans and a beautiful warm buttery biscuit. Johnny loved biscuits. He quickly grabbed his biscuit and shoved the warm doughy goodness into his mouth as fast as he could. After his biscuit was gone he looked down at his plate and saw the pork chop and green beans sitting on it all alone. He then looked across the table and noticed his mother looking back at him, "Eat your dinner." she prodded.

"I don't like green beans."

"You liked them the last time you ate them, now eat your dinner." she replied plainly.

Johnny moved the green beans around on his plate and contemplated his options. It was times like this that he wished he had a dog, his dog would love green beans. He flattened the green pile of beans until they covered a good portion of his plate, realizing this made it look like even more green beans he stacked them up as high as he could trying in vain to make them cover less of the plate. Perhaps the pork chop would be easier he thought, so he took a bite of his pork chop and chewed slowly and carefully trying to make it seem like he was eating more than he actually was. He repeated this process a few times and asked his mother expectantly, "May, I please be excused?"

"Take two big bites of your green beans and you can."

Johnny looked once again at those yucky green beans that seemed to be multiplying on his plate. He reluctantly scooped up a few green beans onto his fork and placed it into his mouth. He chewed slowly while making exaggerated painful looking faces so that his mother would know the torture she was inflicting on him. He repeated this with the second bite and added sighs and moans to further demonstrate his disgust.

"See that wasn't too bad," said his mom, "you may be excused now."

Upon hearing those words Johnny took one last look at his plate. He eyed the grey pieces of pork chop remaining and the half tower of gross green beans and exclaimed,"Who ate my biscuit?!?!"

Moral of the Story: Don't rush through the good things in life so that you forget that they ever happened.


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