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Who is hotter? Clay Aiken or Josh Grobin? Are you kidding me AOL?

Updated on May 7, 2008

Long have I tried to get rid of my AOL account but call it nostalgia (or just the fact that my guy likes the AOL) for whatever reason (especially now that I can be reached at at any time) I have kept my AOL account. So like most people, I check my somelikeitscott email, I check my work email and my AOL account. It's too damn much I tell you. But more than having too many email accounts (a blog topic for another day) the other day I logged on to my AOL account and was shocked at one of the "headlines" on the home page. That's right kids it was, Who is hotter? Clay Aiken or Josh Grobin? Are you kidding me AOL? - Don't Get Me Started!

First of all, I did a double take because at first I wondered if I had inadvertently logged onto "some like it gay" (another page on my website, actually titled "the gay, gay, gayer than gay page") or or something. Now, it's not to say that gays can't be hot because after all, I'm gay right? And although I've been with the same man for a thousand years, what I don't see good looking men? What I don't sometimes when the light is right (quite dark), the hair works out okay and I'm not feeling fat don't want to be classified at some point before I die as hot too? (If only for three and a half seconds) So I understand (if don't totally agree) with the whole current "hot" culture.

Next issue is that I'm not Perez Hilton (not that fat, kids) who feels as though he has to "out" everyone in the universe to gain his own brand of hanger-oner fame. But as Kathy Griffin might say, "Clay Gayken and Ms. Grobin? Come along now ladies."

And while we're on the topic of ladies, is Clay Aiken not this generation's Barry Manilow for the ladies? The women just seem to adore them both. Both seem like the date the heavy girl would get to go to prom. The good news is that he's clean and buys fabulous flowers, the bad news is that he's prettier than her and will never try to get to first base (mostly because he knows nothing about sports - outside the locker room). But honestly, let's face it - like it or not, men are different from women. Women want to like the sensitive man but they'll never sleep with them. That's why God invented the gay guy.

Upon reading the "article" I found out that what AOL was really talking about was the fact that both boys had released albums the same week and was asking whose would sell better. But I'm embarrassed to say that the whole try to get you interested headline of "HOT" to get you to click worked, even for me (even if it was in disbelief of the boys in question being put in the "hot" category).

Maybe it's because I have always been the goofy sidekick in life that I find the whole "hot" thing (you'll excuse me Paris Hilton) just a little...well...stupid. Attractive, sure but "hot" and the fact that people think they are "hot" put their pictures on websites for people to vote if they're "hot" or not just makes me feel as though we should all have better things to do with our time. The flipside to that is I guess if it makes people feel better about themselves, good for them.

And while I think both Clay Aiken and Josh Grobin are extraordinarily talented men, let's face it they are both far from hot. You've Clay with that hair that has yet to find an attractive style and Grobin with the pubic hair semi-mullet. I know, hair doesn't make the man but it doesn't help either of these men either. So boys, go ahead and go platinum (album only please) and know you're both wonderful in your own right but hot? I think not. Who is hotter? Clay Aiken or Josh Grobin? Are you kidding me AOL? - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • profile image

      Molly's Mom 7 years ago

      Clay is somewhat hotter since he had a baby... he just has that glow.