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Why I Love jetBlue And You Should Too

Updated on October 17, 2007

jetBlue DirectTV

Why I Love jetBlue And You Should Too - Don't Get Me Started!

To the outsider it would seem that I'm a jetsetter but as anyone who travels for business knows, it's really just business. Well, this week I went from Las Vegas to Long Beach and so I got to fly jetBlue. I've flown them before but let me tell you why I love jetBlue and you should too - Don't Get Me Started!

First of all, their site is adorable and the airline is too. They're like the classy version of Southwest. The website is a little more hip and it's just killing me that they don't fly as many places as Southwest and other airlines fly because if they did, they would be the only airline that I would fly.

When you arrive at the gate instead of khaki or navy polyester uniformed flight attendants, they're in all black. From moment one you feel as though you've walked into a shi shi salon or a really good restaurant. Everyone is friendly but not in that forced, "Look at us do our rehearsed spiel, we're funny" Southwest way. They're like, "Hey, good to see you. Thanks for flying with us."

You get on the plane and there it is right in the seat back in front of you. Every seat has its own Direct TV mini-monitor and it has something like thirty channels. While they lose three points for having ESPN and ESPN2 as the first couple of channels you have to surf through, they get a good twenty-five gay points for having Bravo! (Could there be any gayer network?) The amazing part is that you don't even care about turning off your Ipod because you can watch your own personal Direct TV during the takeoff all the way through the landing and taxiing to the gate. Come on, what is not to love about that, huh?

As if all of this wasn't enough, as we took off for our flight attendants informed us that we were going to be served Dunkin' Donuts coffee. Hello, have you ever had Dunkin' Donuts coffee? Before Starbucks (and even after it) I loves me some Dunkin' Donuts coffee.

They market Dunkin' Donuts and other brand products during your experience and you don't even care because they're all so hip and adorable looking that it doesn't feel like a new way for product placement but a way to give you the products you love. How they manage all of this I'm sure I don't know but once again, maybe it has a lot to do with the Bravo and HGTV you can watch as the well-coiffed boys bring you your Dunkin' Donuts coffee. Whatever it is, it works.

As you know from reading my blogs, I'm usually all fired up about some sort of injustice that has happened to me or something in the world around us that makes me nuts but sometimes you just have to show as much passion for something you love. No, jetBlue isn't paying me or even giving me free tickets (not that I'd turn them down) but I have to tell you whether they're a gay airline or not, they certainly have a gay sensibility and doesn't everyone win when a company gets its Gay Housekeeping Seal of Approval? I don't know what their HRC rating is or anything else (and somehow I don't even care) all I know is that if you haven't flown jetBlue and they fly wherever your next travel destination may be, do yourself a favor...go jetBlue and discover why I love jetBlue and you should too - Don't Get Me Started!

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