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Why I’m Disgusted With Google’s Adsense!

Updated on November 4, 2008

I've read all the blogs people write about buying a new house from the payments that they get from adding Adsense ads to their sites, blogs, etc. but I have never had that experience. In the two years that I have been writing my blog, I have received one check for $100 and I am scheduled to receive the next one next month which is very close to the $100 cut off point as well. Be that as it may, it's a good easy source of having constant revolving content ads on your site without doing too much and hey, if you get paid all the better, right? That is until I went on my site today to find it covered in ads for a Proposition on the California ballot that I'm completely opposed to with every fiber of my being. That's why I'm disgusted with Google's Adsense! - Don't Get Me Started!

I get that Adsense can do whatever they like and I also realize that if it goes off content from my blog then indeed it would have caught onto the fact that I have written a couple of times about Proposition 8, the proposition that would legally make same sex marriages illegal. That's right I have written to say that in fact no one should be voting "YES" for this (no matter how much money the Mormons and Christian Right throw at it) and yet if you were to go to my site (well, some of you are here as it is) then you would see my site covered with white male/female and black male/female couples who advocate Proposition 8 passing. ARGHHH!

I guess that I could pull all of the Adsense ads off until after today or I could write to Adsense (if you can find a way to contact them you're smarter than me because like most websites that only give the appearance of giving help, they send you to forums or "most asked questions" but good luck actually trying to talk or email someone) but in a way I hope that people who visit my site understand just how against this proposition I am and that they feel good about clicking and putting money in "a gay's" pocket just for clicking on these stupid ads.

That's right, just like the Right I want to make my money too. I want to take them for everything they're worth frankly. From allowing priests to molest children and covering it up to the Mormons who excommunicate you if you have any sense at all in your head I want their billions and billions of dollars to go to sites and people like me. Believe me when I say that you will not change the mind of any of my readers you haters but you will be hopefully helping to fund me buying another bottle of lube to have gay sex! So thanks suckers (and no, I don't mean the people who have actually sucked on me at one time or another).

Suddenly in the midst of my rage it occurs to me, what if the Adsense people have the same idea that I have? By putting these ads on gay sites they will actually make some money for "the gays" all the while allowing their advertisers to think that they are just spreading their word like the STDs spread by the repressed supposedly religious men who marry women for Jesus but sleep with men for their soul. (Yes, that last sentence was intended to piss you off, why should I be angry alone?)

According to the Adsense bylaws you can't encourage people to click ads on your site nor can you click yourself so this is by no means a way of asking people to click on these ads. In fact, I would probably feel better buying lube without the money from the people who run these types of ads. I think it probably would make them feel better too. And that's why I'm disgusted with Google's Adsense! - Don't Get Me Started!

Read More Scott (and see all the ads) @


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    • robertsgr profile image

      robertsgr 8 years ago

      Good point Relache, everyone can block ads from sites anytime and for any reason. Adsense bot isn't that smart to know that you are against this type of marriages. But Adsense allow you to manage your ads.

    • relache profile image

      Raye 9 years ago from Seattle, WA

      Scott, I just made a Hub on improving earnings, so please take a look and feel free to ask questions. I'd be glad to help you make a bit more scratch.

    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 9 years ago from Las Vegas

      relache, you've got it all dialed in. The rest of us will be stuck making peanuts and marveling at your mad skills!

    • relache profile image

      Raye 9 years ago from Seattle, WA

      Go to your AdSense account and block ads from sites you don't wish to show. You don't have to contact Google about it, you can do it yourself. Remember, Google is just a stupid robot that matches ads and words. I'm not buying houses from my AdSense, but I did just get $168 from a single Hub in October, so it does show you can get more than peanuts.

    • Melissa G profile image

      Melissa G 9 years ago from Tempe, AZ

      I was thinking about looking into an Adsense account, but after reading this, I won't waste my time. Thanks for the entertaining and time-saving read!