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Why do some people seek too much attention ?

Updated on March 30, 2008

First Born

I want to share my humble observation regarding this issue.

I found that those who are first born or only child in their family needs more attention. Ofcourse if they had chance to be raised with loving parent/s. It is unfortunate that love can harm a person. First child supervised with two uncertifed adult (to be parent) full time. They respond to every action of the child. Child speaks acts and reports continusly and get feedback fom this two adults. That is where harm starts. This topic needs more analysis but as a summary that kind of child would need attention life time.

There are many other side effects of this situation but they should be addressed seperately, such as lack of confidence to be first in action, asking too much before acting, thinking the worst case senario all the time and so on...

As for how to deal with them, it is a good question. I would first try to let them realize the situation. If they are firendly and cooperate, able to talk about the the fact that is first step, even only step I guess.

I would approach with Confucius's advise:

1- If a person knows that he knows, follow him

2- If a person does not know that he knows, wake him up

3- If a person knows that he does not know, teach him

4- If a person does not know that he does not know, run away from him

Here 3rd and 4th apply to our case. If there is no cooperation, running away can be a sloution. Running away can be softway or hardway. I would prefer softway, that is do not break away but keep the distance and do not touch the issue as much. Wait for the right time to act again. Hardway would be quiting; that may not be a good idea if it is already established relationship. However if it your girl or boy firend and you are considering a serious relationship, I would say apply hardway right away do not loose your time.


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    • profile image

      Travis Gomez 7 years ago

      and for some reason I always feel that everyone is judging... for example if someone tells me i'm fat just as a joke even though i know i'm not, i take it seriously and get mad at that person... and im the type that never forgets, so what that person said stays in my head. and that is the reason why i lost my friends... cuz they can't joke around me, and if they do i get mad at them and try not to talk to them

    • profile image

      Travis Gomez 7 years ago

      Hello, im hoping someone can help me with my problem... I ALWAYS want too much attention and I have no idea why... To the point that i would do anything just to get negative attention. Most of the time i try to show off infront of my friends because I have low self-esteem and no confidence... for the past 2 months ive been trying to figure out how i can build my confidence... and ive been alo thinking why is it that i want so much attention, and now i know its because i don't believe in myself and don't know my personality, so i try to get attention telling me about myself and what i can do...