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How to quit your job

Updated on March 29, 2008

Why to quit?

I would not worry about how, but why.

If the quiting is due to some shortage coming from your side it is a different story; or if it is due to conditions at working place it is another story.

Let us go for the first case: It is you that is not able to work, lazy, addicted to some weak desires etc, than you cannot get away by quiting. You can not keep running. You have to stop and face yourself. We can talk about this in a different hub.

Second case: You do not like the work place for many reasons. This is easy: Just "quit", but leave with a good impression. Do not do "Not Show up and that is it". Inform your supervisor in advance and talk about the reason/s why you would like to quit and talk about the issues. It may be possible that you may change something and environment becomes bettter. You may continue to work. If not, than give time for them to find somebody, be nice and helpful. Do not worry for every single hour or cents, be generous and leave with a good reference.


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