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Why the Four Gospels Pt III

Updated on October 16, 2007

Why the Gospels pt III

Luke is the only Gentile writer of the gospels. Luke was a physician (Colossians 4:14). He deals more concerning the announcement by the angels to Mary than the other gospels. It's in this gospel some of the Christmas story is noted. As you read this gospel you will read what has become known as, "The Magnificat", (Luke 1:46-55"). He gives the fullest details concerning the life of Jesus, and portrays Him in a more human voice than most, this may be because of his interest in people in general but especially those who are sick. Luke is, "An artist with words." You can tell he has no Jewish background because he doesn't tell much with the laws and customs of Jew like the gospel of Matthew does. He the only gospel writer to have a sequel, (he wrote the book of Acts.) As you read this gospel, you can sense he is cultured and educated. Universal grace of God is the message of Luke's gospel rather Jew or Gentile.


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