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Why to Get a College Degree Online - 1 Year Online Degrees

Updated on May 12, 2008

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Easy Online College Degrees

Benefits of Getting a Degree Online

Learn at Your Own Pace

At traditional colleges and universities, professors have to structure their classes over the course of a long semester. This antiquated notion makes sense if everyone had the same desire to complete a class every few months, but in the fast-paced world of the 21st century, many people find themselves frustrated with the bounds of traditional education. Online college degrees often let you learn at your own pace, speeding up or slowing down depending on your individual learning needs. Not everyone learns the same way, so you set the best tone for learning the required material.

Reduced Cost of Materials

Traditional college is very expensive. Few people rarely receive their diploma without also receiving a mountain of debt that will take them years to finally pay back. Books, classes, student fees, parking, and transportation add up quickly. Online college degrees allow you to significantly reduce the amount of money you have to spend on materials by providing electronic teaching materials that are often available right when you access the learning program.


A common complaint of people that attend traditional colleges as opposed to online colleges is the amount of time they have to waste on the non-academic aspects of learning; picking classes, "crashing" full classes, registering, paying fees, finding books, and traveling to school in the middle of a busy work day or family schedule are now unnecessary stresses. Online college degrees allow people to skip over these hassles with a single mouse click or keystroke. The hours and days you save and mountains of stress avoided can make getting your online degree that much more satisfying (not to mention, a whole lot quicker).

Freedom to Learn When & Where you Want

The physical act of going to a traditional university is often an extremely unpleasant task. Getting up to wait for public transportation or struggling to find parking takes hours away from the learning experience, and more than a few students have "missed" the bus or "couldn't find parking" and missed important learning opportunities. No more. You can wake up and walk to your computer and start your online course. Or, find a few hours to study before or after work so you can take the test from the comfort of your own home. Most classes are available on the weekends, further reducing the time that separates you from your degree.

Interactive Learning Environment with Real People

Most opponents of online college degrees alledge that the learning experience must suffer if students only connect to other students over the Internet. How could it possibly be the same, they assert. The truth is that online college degrees often involve an interactive learning environment with real people. Even in a supposedly equal environment such as higher education, not every type of personality gets along with every other type of personality or even the professor of the class, and can turn a what would be an otherwise simple class into an intellectual dictatorship. In online classes you have an equal voice with all the other students in your course, and better yet, you all have equal access to the valuable time of your instructor.


Ultimately, no one can make your choices for you. If you truly want to get ahead in life, further yourself not only in your career but also as a well-rounded person in general, but you simply do not have the time or energy to devote to a traditional college education, then an online degree is most likely the way to improve your life. The sooner you start yourself on the path to self-improvement, the sooner you can realize your dreams.

Obtaining an Online Degree

When considering obtaining a college degree online, there are many things that will be quite different than that of taking classes inside a classroom on campus and more. However, the differences in many cases are quite beneficial to individuals in many different circumstances. In this article, we will briefly look over mainly the benefits of online college degrees so you can decide for yourself if getting an online degree would be the right path for you.

There are many advantages to online degrees versus taking the college level course on campus such as the matter of convenience alone. There is no driving to and from campus as your studies are done from home or wherever you prefer to study. In addition, individuals can obtain their own college degree in the same time that college students on campus do, if not a little quicker, in some cases. All of the same curriculum and types of degrees are normally offered by most colleges with courses online.

One of the downfalls with the situation of not physically having the instructor present during class time is the lack of face to face time with the person putting the course together for you. This may prove to be a bit difficult for the student studying online in subjects such as math in which many students need an instructor to observe while performing the necessary tasks in formulating equations and such. Many of the instructors are available online for students and they may even soon have some sort of video for demonstrating these types of tasks. This is just one thing to keep in mind when comparing online college degrees and on-campus college degrees.

Time can be a major factor for many people. If you have two jobs and a child, it may be very difficult to get into class every day at 8am sharp in order to avoid getting points deducted for not showing up to class on time which many instructors tend to do. In fact, some instructors simply lock the door and do not let late students inside the classroom once class has begun. This does not occur when considering online college degrees as there is no classroom and the STUDENT sets their own schedule. Not only do you avoid class schedules, but you also avoid the parking lot fees and traffic every day.

Overall, getting a degree online can be very beneficial to many people with individual needs and with time restraints. If you are looking for a college course online with an accredited instructor, you will find that many colleges offer this now. In addition to having good instructors now teaching courses online, many of the colleges offering online degrees also help with the financial aspects of getting your degree online. In many cases, the college offering the online degrees will have a financial aid department which you may contact in order to obtain more information about funding your online education.

If scheduling restraints or the need to study at home are part of your individual needs, then maybe try looking into how studying online can help you progress towards achieving your college education online. Each day more and more advancements are achieved online through major accredited colleges and many universities are going online daily. This way everyone has the opportunity to get their college degree as the online college degree world has thrown open the doors to helping those with their individual college needs while providing educational opportunities for everyone.

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