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Why traditional marriages may scare people off

Updated on February 9, 2008

Cold feet, chicken bumps and raised hair


Nothing can be more haunting and scary for some people than commitment. The thought of being with the same man or women for the rest of their lives may send intense chills down their spine. They will experience raised hairs just thinking of the word Marriage. If they finally decide to get married because of getting old, and/or because of pressure from the future spouse they will very likely experience cold feet. Just the image in their mind of saying "I do" may make them feel as if they just saw a ghost. After all, they are not to blame. There are many reasons out there that can frighten off the most courageous man or woman on earth. If we think of it there is not much to smile about. Just the ceremony can turn a stoic man into a coward. Money wise the expenses of the gifts, bouquet, wedding dress, banquet, wedding cake, pictures, and all the rest can become a great bone chilling experience.

If you are not used to being the center of attention, on wedding day you will be nervous and your teeth may chatter and your mouth may stutter. You may experience an intense urge to want to run away. But, there you are trapped in a dead end with no way out. You must therefore succumb to your destiny...

Paying a mortgage or rent can be pretty scary as well, even the most stunning, cozy cape-cod home can easily turn into a haunted house once you notice what a toll your mortgage payments will take on your earnings.

Mothers in laws have been known to spook some people more than walking Zombies. I have heard the worst horror stories about these species. However, not everybody's fate is so gruesome, eventually every now and then some mother in law will let you live to see the day.

Divorce rates can easily make you wonder if it is worth to take plunge. Hollywood break-ups in the media can easily compete with Stephen King's best horror novels. You may develop a phobia and start stuttering weird stuff such as "I see wed people"

Some people just cannot imagine splitting their lives with others, they are just prone to be solo. By staying single, these people do not have to worry about having dragon breath in the mornings or getting freaked out from the Frankensteinian looks of their significant other at dawn. Household chores can turn into daunting tasks especially when you have to throw the trash at midnight on a full moon evening. There will be no soap operas or sport shows to haunt your television. There will be no creepy snores echoing inside the room in the dead of the night.

Inspired singles will also avoid being preoccupied by possible infidelities or such "I know what you did last summer" issues. They will lead just plain peaceful lives by living on their own. Regardless, the choice of staying single or finding the ideal E.T. (eternal troublemaker) is ultimately up to the individual. Some people get good bags full or treats others get a trick rather than a treat, I guess it depends a lot on who you end up living with and also if there will be good dose of luck to assist you. However a great piece of advice I have for those out there thinking about the big day is to keep calm, keep their feet on the altar and just don't get married on Friday the 13th!


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