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Wieght Loss Motivation - Finding The Strength To Lose Weight

Updated on February 22, 2008

Weight Loss Motivation That Lasts

If you live in today’s modern world, then you cannot escape from the images of all the thin, beautiful people surrounded us in magazines, television and the movies…. And more and more there are these new images that we are being bombarded by – the weight loss images. You know, those happy people wearing bikinis and holding up their fat pants saying, “I’m half my size!”

When you are overweight, it’s impossible not to compare your own body to all these airbrushed perfected icons. You feel like you have “less” than what they have… and you want what they’ve got.

This burning desire inside of you may be strong, but why isn’t it enough to make you put down that pizza and grab a celery stick!?

Are you just not “strong” enough?

That’s what all the diet pill companies want you to believe. That way, they can convince you to buy the strength you need… buy it in a pill that will curb your appetite and make you lose weight.

But if you’ve ever taken those diet pills before then you already know that they don’t make you lose weight. Mainly because when you drastically cut down on eating, your body goes into starvation mode and makes you store even more fat. See, your body is WAY more advanced than any “latest breakthrough appetite curbing pill”… and when you are fighting AGAINST your body, your body will always win.

It doesn’t matter if you are Hercules… or Zina the Princess Warrior… not even the strongest person in the world can defeat their own body’s natural working systems without destroying their health (which is why anorexics and bulimics become so mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually UN-healthy because they are silencing and choosing to ignore their body’s survival and health instincts).

So that’s why you have to learn how to work WITH your body not AGAINST it.

When you learn how to communicate with your body on a deeper level, then you understand what your body needs and you’re able to make the healthy choices that supply it. And you know what else?

When you really listen to your body, when all the addictions to chemicals and sugar are gone… you’ll find that it actually CRAVES health.

And then it takes no strength to lose weight at all… it becomes effortless.

That’s right, I said effortless.

Don’t believe me?

Let me ask you a question… Do you have to force yourself to take a shower? Do you dream every day that you could just have more strength to keep yourself clean?

Probably not. Most likely, you ENJOY taking a shower. It leaves you feeling clean, refreshed and revived.

Well, this is what happens when you learn what your body needs for health. When you start making these healthy choices, you feel so good you don’t want to stop.

In fact, it becomes addictive.

When you have a pig out session and overeat on a bunch of processed, fattening and chemical-filled foods… your body feels so gross for hours and days (yes, the food you eat can leave you feeling bloated, tired, and disgusting for days after you eat it!) that you can’t wait to get back to eating healthy food.

And when you go for a couple of days without exercising or getting any physical activity, you can feel the toxins building up inside of you. It’s like going without taking a shower for 2 or 3 days. Sure, you can do it… but do you like to? Don’t you CRAVE a shower after a couple of days? Don’t you WANT to feel clean and refreshed?

Well, it’s the same with bringing health into your body. Your body begins to CRAVE it.

And once you get your body “in line”, then you’re working on the same team. Going for the same goal with the same desires. And staying on track takes absolutely no strength at all. Like I said, it becomes effortless. This is just the way you live now. Your body feels so good, better than you’ve ever felt before that you don’t even miss all the old chemical “highs” you got from eating all that processed, fattening foods.

And when you align yourself with health, your body will heal itself. And the weight will come off. In fact, there is no end to how healthy your body can get… there is always another level to reach to.

And isn’t that exciting?

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      this is very true. especially the part about cleansing out the toxins in your body.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      this is so true, especially the part about when you make healthy choices you want to keep doing it. its so true. and about when you start starving yourself and everything than it all just goes downhill. i know because i started healthfully losing weight than i caught on the "high" of it and did whatever i could to lose, it, which didn't turn out well at all.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      quoting you:

      "And once you get your body “in line”, then you’re working on the same team. Going for the same goal with the same desires. And staying on track takes absolutely no strength at all. Like I said, it becomes effortless. This is just the way you live now. Your body feels so good, better than you’ve ever felt before that you don’t even miss all the old chemical “highs” you got from eating all that processed, fattening foods.

      That's all great....but how do you find the motivation to get "your body inline." I don't doubt that I'll fear better, but in the short term...I'm tired, I eat. How do you get pasts article doesn't address that. It's must more of the same...

    • profile image

      The PooP Doc 

      10 years ago

      People need to get in touch with their body.

      We rely to much on modern medicine to give us health. And the weight loss industry just prays on peoples emotions.

      People don't realize how much power they possess to over come their weight and health problems.

      Thanks for writing on this topic.


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