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With The Church Paying Gays To Keep Quiet (Pastor Ted Haggard) It Doesn’t Pay To Be A Jew!

Updated on January 27, 2009


As if ex-pastor Ted Haggard didn’t have enough to talk over with his own personal Jesus, now it turns out that not only was he paying a male prostitute/masseur to have sex and do drugs with him, now a second man has come forward. That’s right, on the eve of an HBO documentary on Haggard (where he is supposedly painted quite the victim) a twenty-something gay who had a “relationship” with Haggard has decided he wants his story told too. I’m sure there are many a pastor who strays into the pasture and ends up getting it on with guys but my real frustration is that with the church paying gays to keep quiet (Pastor Haggard) it doesn’t pay to be a Jew! – Don’t Get Me Started!

Make no mistake about it as much as the New Life “Megachurch” wants to make one of their own (Haggard) a sacrificial gay (even though after the scandal they still gave him a year’s six digit salary and just made him move away and get counseling), all of the New Life church leaders’ hands (and most likely their knees) are dirty. That’s right, you see a senior pastor went public with the fact that they paid off this kid to not talk about his relationship with Haggard. Of course when the kid saw HBO (and no doubt misguidedly hoped to play himself in any Haggard movie they might produce – not unlike the poor misguided Fantasia Barrino who played herself in that awful movie, lesson learned kids) the church decided to go public with the dirty little payoff. Of course the quote from the senior pastor about the payoff is priceless, “This was compassionate assistance. It was to help him move forward, not a settlement to keep him quiet” said Rev. Brady Boyd referring to the settlement. Does anyone (including Rev. Boyd) actually believe this? As someone asked me when I told them this story, “How do they continue to get away with this?” The answer my friends is not blowing in the wind it’s psychological warfare plain and simple. These people in power and with authority seek out those who can be influenced, manipulated and silenced easily. (Trust me, no one ever tried this shit with me and you could set tea on my ass even at forty-four!)

And what you’ll find is that it doesn’t matter if it’s an eight year old boy or a twenty year old, damaged people are always going to fall prey to predators unless they get some serious help and learn to stop the cycle. And where exactly do these abused children come from, straight parents who either don’t see the signs or don’t want to see the signs. Trust me I think you’d be hard pressed to find a gay couple with children who not only teach their children to respect others but more importantly to respect themselves enough to tell someone if anything ever happens. The religious right like to say that we gays are gay because we didn’t have good father figures or because we were coddled by our mothers. They’re wrong, I have a great relationship with my parents and I always knew I was gay. No one made me gay and no one can make me believe that I wasn’t born this way. But I have to ask, just how many damaged people have the religious right made with their pious attitudes all the while pinning Jimmy on his back in the rectory? (If you know what I mean and I know that you do)

Where is the outrage? Where are the laws that will no longer allow the huge organized religions to hide behind their tax free lifestyles of arrogance, using their money to get politicians as well as their congregations to believe more in doing what they want done than any deity? And where pray tell is the ad campaign that someone should have against this? (Asked a wise man (not me) – a dear straight friend of mine asked me this previous question) After all, there are campaigns against alcohol aimed at teens “Above The Influence” (, there are campaigns about the “truth” about tobacco ( so where my friends, is the ad campaign against organized religion which has also been determined to give you a high but can also be very hazardous to your health? And most importantly, with the church paying gays to keep quiet (Pastor Haggard) it doesn’t pay to be a Jew! – Don’t Get Me Started! (Please worship responsibly.)

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