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With USD500 Budget to Travel in Sarawak

Updated on September 6, 2008

Travel with Tight Budgets

For the current forex exchange, USD 1 equivalent to RM 3.30. So if you have USD 500, that will equivalent to RM 1500. That will be more than enough for you to travel to the four main cities in Sarawak, that Kuching, the state capital, where you first set foot in Sarawak, Sibu, the central region city of Sarawak, then Bintulu, the city famous for it oil and gas industries, then Miri, the northern region city, near to the Sultanate of Brunei.

Kuching, where you set foot in Sarawak, spend your time for sightseeing around two days. The cost will be around RM 200, that covers your hotels for RM 150 and foods for RM 50. Then you can travel with a bus to Sibu for 6 hours journey, and it cost you RM 40. In Sibu, spend your time there for two days, and the cost is around RM 200, that covers your hotel and food.

From Sibu, take a bus ride to Bintulu for 3 hours journey, and it cost you around RM 20. Spend another two days in Bintulu, and the cost that covers your hotel and food, will be around RM 200. Then, Miri will be your last destination. Take a bus from Bintulu to Miri for three hours journey, and you only needs to spend around RM 20. In Miri, spend for two days, and the cost you have to pay is around RM 200.

For 8 days, that the tightest schedule for traveling to the four main city in Sarawak, you only need to spend for RM 880, far less then the RM 1500 budget. So you still have that RM 620 luxury to spend, and that quite a lot of money, compare to the average income for the people of Sarawak of USD 250. The budget can be far less, especially with your hotels bill, if you travel in a group of 4, where you can share your hotels room, and this will give you more luxury to travel by taxi to certain interesting places that this cities have to offer.

Tips about hotels: Go for cheap and clean hotel, with average rent RM 70 per night. Its air-con, hot and cold bath, free soap, shampoo, bath towel, and a TV too.

Tips about eateries:Go for coffee-shop that serve mostly noodles and rice. Avoid classy restaurant, because it will cut thin your budgets. Most shop that serve food is clean, but you might face trouble in communications.

Warnings:Don't and avoid going around at night. Go to the food outlets that is nearest to your hotels if you need to dine late at night. Walks where there is lots of people, and be always alert to avoid unnecessary dramatic situation.

Welcome to Sarawak, translated to Malay language as " Selamat datang ke Sarawak". Thank you in English, will be " Terima kasih ". I in English, will be " saya " in Malay language. Can you help me, in Malay langauge will be " boleh tolong saya ", and sorry will be " minta maaf ".

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    • cosmomed profile image

      cosmomed 4 years ago from Sarawak. Malaysia

      A good guide for budget travellers in Sarawak! But taking a bus from South to North is a pain due to miserable road conditions!