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Words to live by and the purpose of Life

Updated on February 27, 2008

Focus on something you love - 3 min exercise

The Purpose of Life

If you are anything like the average person, you often wonder about the purpose of life? What am I here for, what is my purpose, where am I going etc.

And when things go wrong we often blame ourselves and feel a failure, or feel we can never do anything right. We actually then let the "fear" emotion rule us and we cheat ourselves out of our right to experience that we are entitled to do anything we really believe we can do.

In the words of Jim Edwards, "After all, as soon as I believed I could, I could - and before that, I believed I couldn't, and I couldn't."

We are never failures, we are just participants in ongoing lessons, and it is all about learning to control our mental energy which comes from our thoughts and emotions to create the physical reality of our outer world.

For example, when something goes wrong, you can actually think yourself into more problems, just by using simple phrases like: "This always happens to me!" "You are an idiot, you always make the wrong choice" or "I'm never lucky" or "I can't do anything right" or "I bet there will just be bills in the mail" etc

Or my personal pet hate, that saddens me when I hear it uttered is "this is killing me!" in regard to ones health. These are all negative thoughts that attract exactly what you are letting the inner voice (that we all have) focus on.

A favourite piece of information that I have cut out and stuck onto my board of memorable and motivational thoughts, is to trick yourself by breaking focus with your major problem or problems.

Take 3 minutes per day to start with, and spend it focussing on something else other than your problems, it could be your cat or dog and the warm feelings that you feel toward them, how soft and cuddly they are, how loving and loyal etc.

Funny quirky little things they do, how they greet you, funny sounds they make, or actions they do, you get my drift.

With practice this will become much easier, and after a short while you will be able to break your current preoccupations, just by immediately thinking of a key thought, eg "Here kitty, kitty" which will trigger your mind into focussing on those 3 minutes of good thoughts you have about your pet (child, hubby, wife, hobby etc), and it becomes as if your mind knows that as soon as you switch to that thought, it has no choice but to give you your 3 minutes to focus elsewhere.

So every time that negative thought eg "how can I do this or that" pops into your mind, break focus from it by triggering your 3 minutes "here kitty, kitty". Keep doing it over and over again and you will be amazed how that negative thought or worry just simply disappears.

Quantum Physics

Over the years I have educated myself in regard to Quantum Physics and found the movies "What the Bleep Are We" and "Down the Rabbit Hole" to be absolutely the most informative and entertaining DVD's on the Universe, Life, Energy, God.

It was not till I viewed these movies, that I was able to really make some major changes in my own thought patterns, when the inner voice used to really chatter away and create "un-real - self defeating" negative focus that I did not need or want. (Thats why people who meditate have it all over the rest of us, because they can break focus from their problems and the ranting inner voice).

However in saying this, there are at times when we do not always create the reality that we endure or experience as I have shared in a previous article about palliative caring for my terminally ill son Leon.

Many of our life experiences are not of our making at all, nor in any way do we choose, create or desire them , but peripherally they affect us - because they belong to someone else we love or care about.

Therefore it contradicts and seems that a major event for us (loss of a child) is out of our control or desire, making it harder to believe that we are the makers of our own reality. How can our thoughts have created such negative energy and our child is going to die?

After all I did not and never would want my son to die, or my granddaughter.

I would have done anything (and had tried everything HE would allow me to do to help him), and so it was his choices and realities that impacted on my choices of how I dealt with his devastating situation and therefore how I created my own thought patterns.

See you cannot help but somehow make it about yourself, when the reality is it is about them and their life.

However I learnt that I had to let my son deal with his own reality, and as his mother my reality was to handle what was happening to him, in the most positive way that I could - which I did.

And that is all that any of us can do. We have to remember that this is a universe with a purpose, and each participant has a purpose to control energy in the most simplest way.

And we all have a time when we pass on to the next phase. We all participate collectively in creating the exterior world, and this is essential for our lessons and growth in this dimension.

My job was to control the energy around my dying son, to keep it positive and uplifting so that his life reached whatever realms it possibly could before his death. amd to change focus from my life to what was required for him. This is exactly what every single member of our family had to do too.

Then whatever situation is occurring becomes a positive energy experience because it is coming from the most basic level of unconditional love and selfless giving.

So even in life's worst moments, you can still be in a positive energy flow - because you are the peripheral to someone else's energy field. Life will always have ups and downs, some yours, some those you love.

The Golden Rule - treat others as you want to be treated - or treat them as they want to be treated!

So What Does Everyone Want to feel purpose in life?

I've often asked people this question, as I have asked myself, and most of us grapple with answering what we truly want.

I want to share with you some wise words gauged from one of my many insightful books, that absolutely nutshell what I am sure just about every person on the planet would want:

  • Have financial abundance - make money or save money
  • Live your dream - freedom to do what you want when you want
  • Be Happy - have peace of mind, joy
  • Save time - have more real time for life
  • Develop talent or skill - feel competent in the many areas of your life
  • Obtain Increased health - more energy, less pain, more vitality
  • Comfort, leisure, recreation - avoid overwork and frenzied lifestyle
  • Increase sense of purpose - meaningful work, connect to universe
  • Live in clean, beautiful environment - neat and ordered living space
  • Be honoured and respected - gain praise, popularity and admiration
  • Gain control over your life - be captain of your ship, guide to your life
  • Feel good about yourself - know who you really are, ability confident
  • Develop your full potential - grow in knowledge and ability
  • Enjoy loving relationships - sexual satisfaction, close family & friends
  • Create beauty - Be involved in art, crafts, dance, hobbies etc
  • Have Hope in the Future - Have a full expectation of desirable things to come

There you go - thats what people want - and gives them purpose in life!

Words to live by

YOU can do it

Look within - and listen to your heart

YOU can do it

You can reach that goal

You can make that new reality instead of accepting things the way they used to be.....

YOU can do it

All of your highest hopes are with you

Nothing will hold you back but your own fears

And if those fears were created by you, they can be dealt with by you......

And said goodbye to

YOU can do it

Say it to yourself and believe it in your heart

Make every single day a positive start leading to a better and bright tomorrow


(Author - Alin Austin)


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    • moonlake profile image


      10 years ago from America

      So sorry about your son and granddaughter.

      We almost lost our 28 year old son a few years ago I know how terrible it was just the thought of his death. I can't imagine what you have gone through.

      Enjoyed your words to live by.

    • MrMarmalade profile image


      10 years ago from Sydney

      My own personal thoughts are that God would like to know what each of us will do. He gives us little tests and some times some big test.

      It is how we cope with these tests that make the difference.

      We have had some bad times and some good times. More good than bad.

      Ask for God's strenth and help and they will be given

      I like what you say


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