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Work at Home Productivity and the View From Your Desk

Updated on January 5, 2009

Do You Like Your Home Office?

My first home office was...well, not an office. It was a corner in the dining room.

Our very SMALL dining room.

I was always banging my chair on the dining room table, or one of the dining room chairs. I would constantly trip over cords, boxes (my fling cabinets!) or baby toys!

I graduated after about 3 years to the basement! Yep...we finally were able to buy the materials to add a full bathroom to our unfinished basement and finish the rest of it as well.

The basement was broken up into two sections. The section closest to the garage was MY office section. It wasn't much - but it was mine. I had a little window that was too high for me to see out of just sitting at my desk - but it did let some natual light in. I was also able to buy real office furniture at Office Depot. was basically particle board....nothing fancy - but I didn't care. I had a desk for my computer, pens...etc and a filing cabinet. I was thrilled.


I'm thinking even more productive.

Which brings me to this hub. I think your "work space" has a lot to do with how well you work. I am sure there are studies that have been done on folks that work "outside" the home - and how their environment effects their job satisfaction and productivity. But what about us that work at home??

My basement office

This spot was transformed into my basement office. I was thrilled.
This spot was transformed into my basement office. I was thrilled.

Your Work Environment ......Nutty or Nice?

Remember the movie, Joe VS the Volcano with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks? His office was......horrible. The blinking flourescent lights that "suck the life from my eyeballs", and the windowless darkness. It was enough to make him quit....he couldn't take it anymore.

Joe VS The Volcano

Think About YOUR Space....

Many of us can't choose our office. Right many are thankful just to have a job.

But if you work at home - you do have "some" control over where you work. Even if space is limited - you can aim for sitting near a window. That can make all the difference in the world. Even when I was in my tiny, cramped dining room....I was next to a window. I could see the street, cars going by, birds, flowers, the

Even tiny apartments have windows. Or a kitchen table -- using just a laptop works. Especially if your writing to earn cash. Just like earning here at HubPages.

Think long and hard about where you want to work if you're working at home - because just being at home can make you batty in itself - let alone staring at a wall in a space with no natural light.

The days are gone of me working in a tiny dining room or the basement next to the garage and kittybox! I now have an office "upstairs" - and with a view. A true designated space with it's own door! Now.....before you go thinking I'm Miss Fancy Pants - it's taken me 8 years to get to this point.....AND it's a 10x10 room. There is no "swank" here.

But...what I do have is a gorgeous view. I look at mountains and a valley and a pasture with horses. The windows are always open if the weather is nice.....

Little Touches....

Even if you can't have an actual office....or you're so limited on space....not even a window is an are a few things that might help.

Stay matter what. Keep your papers neat, your computer cords neat....cutting down on clutter makes a huge difference. Get organized and have a merciless clean up. Get rid of the CRAP you don't want anymore and don't use anymore. I am the biggest pack rat....but my husband has taught me to be less materialistic and live a more simplified life. You would not believe how much STRESS that junk you're holding on to is causing you. Getting rid of it is like breathing life into your soul. I promise.


I have a little tiny water fountain in my office. It wasn't's not big....and the sound of water is very soothing while you're working.


Put on a 'spa" music CD and play it while you're working. For releives the stress of running a one-woman show on a daily basis. I love al kinds of music....and sometimes I'm rocking out with my iPod - but most's relaxing music. But....there is a catch. One of the downfalls of this type of music is that it's SO can drift off! But any music is nice - so play something that motivtes you or calms you.....or energizes you.

What is YOUR View?

I thought it would be kind of fun to see what YOUR view is from your work at home office.

I've included my view.....took this picture just now with the misty mountains on a rainy morning. Today I am getting ready to work on my work at home website. I'm drinking coffee and gearing up for the day. The kittybox has been emptied, the dog walked and I've taken a shower. The kids are at school and hubby is at work.'s time for me to get busy. 

What do you see out your work at home office/office space window? Does it inspire you....or make you feel suffocated? Maybe today is the day to make a change? Remember, even tiny changes can make a difference.

Working at home is tough....many people think it's cake. It's SO wonderful and's not. A job is a job. But no one should endure hours in a space they can't even think in. Think about changes that might help you be more productive. Take time out to address some of the issues that are bothering you and see if you can't change things up a bit. It doesn't hurt to try!

View Out My Home Office Window

It's a gloomy morning here in the mountains - but I still love the view from my little home office.
It's a gloomy morning here in the mountains - but I still love the view from my little home office.

My Work at Home Office

My office....

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