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World’s most expensive mobile phone reaches Russia

Updated on December 22, 2007

Euroset continues expanding its Luxury-line, within which it has imported the most expensive handset costing 1 mln. euros to Russia. Thus, the Russians can now buy GoldVish Piece Unique put into the Guinness Book of Records. Only three people on the planet have such a handset.

GoldVish Luxury-handsets have come to Russia. Expanding its Luxury-line Euroset has received the exclusive right to sell the entire GoldVish model range in Russia. Currently the handsets are available in Euroset three shops in Moscow. In 2008 the retailer plans to open GoldVish boutique in Moscow.

GoldVish Switzerland handsets made of 18 carat gold (of pink, yellow and white colors) and decorated with diamonds of highest quality WS1 cost from 22 to 127 thousand euros. Besides, the Russians will have the opportunity to buy the most expensive handset put into the Guinness Book of Records. GoldVish Piece Unique costs 1 mln. euro. GoldVish design has been developed by Emanuel Gueit, who has also designed a range of models for watches and jewelry.

Only three people on the planet have such a handset. Evgeny Chichvarkin, Euroset CEO, tells CNews one of GoldVish Piece Unique owners is Russian. However, rumors are circulating that all GoldVish Piece Unique owners are Russian.

Mr. Chichvarkin hopes that GoldVish will find its buyers in Russia. Commenting on possible demand for excessively expensive phones in Russia, he says that the Russian market might be compared to China, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. He says it is impossible to demonstrate GoldVish Piece Unique to the Russians, but they can easily order and acquire it in Euroset.


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    • profile image

      shobhit 5 years ago

      mere pass hai aisa phone , lekin log saale china ka samajhte hai , wo kya hai na hamara standard nahi jante na .

    • profile image

      zohaib shaikh 5 years ago

      very descent and very nice but very costly

    • profile image

      Axomia 5 years ago

      Kam Nai Aru .. Aal Bal Mobïle Ulaise !

    • profile image

      Grace 5 years ago

      It is so wonderful for monery, but i got no ........'.m'y

    • profile image

      hassan 6 years ago

      very gooddddddddddd. and very niceeee.

    • profile image

      tariq 7 years ago

    • profile image

      Amy 9 years ago

      OMG i want this phone it looks amazing... to bad i have no money