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Writing for those who had enough and are ready to spill it all out on paper

Updated on December 31, 2008

Write non-stop for give minutes, mind the spelling and the grammar


One nice activity we tried in class to do is to write non-stop for five minutes. Here how it goes:


1- Write for five minutes about anything that is bothering you.

2- Start with the topic for example: I want to stop....

3- Sit withing yourself for two minutes and take a deep breath start writing the first thought that pops-up in your mind.

4- Mind the spelling and grammar ( like who cares)

Why is this method in writing helpful?

Well, most of us teenagersand some adults would rather write for money or marks (which is true in my case) , and sometimes when the mark is too low, we are frustrated. Using this method, makes writing much fun and worth trying. Also, this method helps you reach in within yourself with being pressured by others or external influences. For example, during an exaam, the only reason why you write is the mark. But here, their is no mark. The only thing that matters is what you feel inside and expressing it in a healthy way. Add to that the fact that some people don't have a close person to talk to and this method helps him/her vent out. LET's GIVE IT A TRY SHALL WE?


answer on topin one:

I want to stop feeling bored for my life is full of surprises. I also want to stop doubting myself for i am a successful student and have to reason to have low self-esteem. What do i want to stop? I want to stop biting off people's heads when making bad or hurting comments.

I want to feel that i have done something important in my life. I want to live my life with fear and want to enjoy my music to maximum. I want to stop writing really depressing topics. I want to be a great person and grow some confindent.I want to write lots of stuff before my pen breaks but my time is done.

Now it is your turn! What do u have on your mind?What do you want to stop/change? share your opinions with me plz:D



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    • profile image

      Zariel 3 years ago

      Great inihtsg. Relieved I'm on the same side as you.