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YAZ...a miracle birth control or a curse????

Updated on December 27, 2008

Let's see how to get started...I got pregnant while I was on orthtricylen, I'm not sure on the spelling. So after I had my daughter I knew I needed something different. At that time I was still active duty and had to go to the base clinic. The first thing out of the so called doctors mouth was the question of how many kids I had and how old I was. I have two kids and I was 22 at the time. The so called doctor asked if I wanted more kids which I said I wasn't sure. I mean later on I wouldn't mind having another child. The so called doctor then went ahead and prescribed me the birth control, YAZ.

With all the hype and advertising, I went with it hoping this was my long lost birth control. Within a couple months, I was used to the meds and went on with taking it. I came to the realization that my sex drive somewhat instantly diminished. I had no interest in it what so ever. I thought that it might be the outcome of some other meds that I was taking at the time. When I changed those meds, I was still having no interest in sex. Then I thought something was wrong with me. Why was I feeling like this> I made an appontment with my doctor and discussed this all with him. He laughed and said he'd make sure to take care of me.

He then went on to explain that Yaz has a certain hormone that is the highest in amount versus all the other birth controll pills out there. The amount of hormone released in this pill will greatly diminish your sex drive, and then continued to tell me that is what they all prescribe all the teenagers that come in. LOL Great! At least I found out nothing was wrong with me! I decided to go off the birth control and things started to go back to normal.

I had a conversation about all this with a cople friends who do have kids. There doctors who are on a mmilitary base tried like hell to push this type of birth control at them, it makes me this there way of somewhat controlling the population with the military or what? I haven't been on Yaz for a couple months and do not ever want to be on it. I don't really suggest this type of birth control, especially if you are married. It just isn't worth it!


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