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Yahoo! Answers Is 100% BIAS & Geared For Hate Speech!

Updated on July 15, 2008

I recently discovered Yahoo Answers I have been using it for about 2 weeks now. It seemed like a great way to help people out. The concept and the true idea are very, very far off from each other. So far in 2 weeks, I have received 10 Violations Notices. Which sounds horrible, until you understand how Yahoo is running this so-called Help Forum. If you post a question that a person working at Yahoo doesn't personally like, they will delete it and you will get a Violations Notices for it. If you post a comment and Yahoo And/Or another user doesn't like it, you will get a Violations Notice. I just received 2 more notices for read this very carefully, (I POSTED LINKS TO SOFTWARE DRIVERS THAT THE USERS WAS ASKING A QUESTION ABOUT). A guy came in and was having a problem with his LG phone. His problem was a software driver issue, so I posted a link to LG's software home page. I didn't post a link to a site selling anything. I posted a link to the content this guy was having trouble finding. And Yahoo DELETED MY LINK AND GAVE ME A VIOLATION NOTICE!

The other Violations Notice, same story. A different gay was having a problem with his cell phone, so this time I posted a link to both the drivers and to an FAQ on a forum that would help with the install. So for my trouble, VIOLATION NOTICE!

Now this has been going on almost since day 1. I have seen people posting question asking how to steal. How to counterfeit. How to clone cell phones. All types of illegal criminals, and Yahoo DOESN'T DELETE THOSE LINKS! But if a guy asks a bigot question bashing gay marriage and I make a comment that "Conservative is just another word for Ignorant", he can report me and I will get into trouble "Yeah, that was my first Violations Notice! The guy's hatred-based question is not deleted, but my comment trying to defend someone is, because the guy didn't like my comment." This is how Yahoo Answers works. It is 100% Bias. And since the Yahoo Employees working that day didn't mind an ignorant question like that, the guy was clear to rant about anything. And I, along with everyone else who didn't agree received a Violations Notice. So after seeing the questions that stayed up, I posted one about "Is Anyone Else Sick OF Yahoo ToolBar Being Included In Everything Without Our Knowledge?" And guess what happen? VIOLATION NOTICE!

So unless your asking a question or making a comment that the Yahoo staff Personally approves of, your in risk of having your account closed down. And if your not a Republican Bigot, then your going to have your posts and comments deleted by other users, and Yahoo will hunt you down like some kind of blind hitman and dish out unreasonable amounts of Bias punishment!

Read through "Yahoo! Answers Suggestion Board". If you want to see an abuse in power by Yahoo to delete what they don't like, then try to sweep it under the rug as quickly as possible, your going to have hours of fun to read!

I'm done trying to help. I can't compete against a system that rewards questions by ignorant people and punishes people that truly try to help. And since they never bothered to respond to my pleases for email, but just decided to block my emails altogether, I have nothing more I can do but post my complaints so everyone else who has been going through these problems can do the same.

UPDATE: Since I started posting these complaint on different sites, 95% of the people have offered helpful advice and understand my frustration. There is some people that live in this world of complete ignorance. They think "I" am 100% Wrong and Yahoo was 100% Right. One of the very first questions I saw on Yahoo Answers had a title like "Why is nature hurting us?" When I clicked on the link, the guy was saying God was killing us all because "FAG's" were getting married. This is NOT A VALID QUESTION, but Yahoo allowed hundreds of these to be posted every single day. When I told the guy something to the effect "Your making God out to be some kind of cold blooded murder. Willing to kill without regret because of people He/She/It created. God is not like that!" That comment was somehow worse then what bigots were posting about Gay's being killed and blah blah blah! My comment was tough, but I was making a valid point to a pointless question. So I received a Violation Notice and my comment was removed. Some of my other comments were pointless and it didn't matter if they were removed. But when someone can post a question about death and murder. About crime and torture And I would come to the defense of the people these bigots were ranting about, I become the bad guy. The one Violation Notice that set me over the edge. Was yet another Bible-Based question where someone was using the Bible as a reason to hate someone. So I told this person "I doubt God is going to let you into Heaven for tormenting a homosexual child so much that they kill themselves because you made them feel like they were worthless. A powerful comment on my part, because this woman truly thought making a gay teen feel bad about posting a question about being Gay on the site would get her into Heaven. So I yet again got into trouble and her comment stayed and mine went bye bye. So here is how Yahoo Answers works.

1. If your Gay, and you post a question asking for help, your going to be bashed by the religious fanatics making you feel horrible.

2. If you post a question about a politician, then any comment you make Pro or Con, will lead to someone reporting you and you will get a Violation Notice.

3. No matter what you post, on any topic, dealing with any subject, prepare to hear Christian propaganda. If you ask "Why is my fingernail turning black?" Someone will post "Jesus loves you and his plan is to make your fingernail black."

So see it doesn't matter. I started off spending 4 hours a night before going to bed helping people. Then I found myself defending others more and more. Then I found myself getting Violation Notice and having posts removed. After awhile, any topic I posted, Yahoo within hours would complain about something. I wasn't a perfect user, because I did get caught up in the whole "HATE" game, which is 75% of Yahoo Answers. But I was at least trying to help people. I was defending others who I felt needed to be defended, regardless of what type of person they were. But in the end, because I'm not religious and I'm not a Republican, I was driven away from that site and everything dealing with Yahoo. So if you think "I" am the one at fault. That out of 1 person posting a horribly mean question against someone born different. 20 other user posting comments. 10 of those comments being bigot, hatred. An ME trying to defend that one person. If you think I should be the one to take the fall, then you live in such a closed off world Grow up, Read some books, volunteer your time, then come back and tell me I'm the bad guy for trying to protect those who are being judged and hated for being Gay, Black, Hispanic, Atheist, ect. Hating someone, even when your using your faith as a reason, still makes you a bigot. And Yahoo shouldn't even allow anything like that to be posted.


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    • profile image

      Johne154 3 years ago

      You are my inspiration, I possess few web logs and rarely run out from to brand. gadfkgedefag

    • profile image

      TheBigOne 3 years ago

      For a brief time last year I kept getting hammered by an annoying pink ad that wouldn't close unless I shut down the browser but since I complained on someone's Hubpage about it I have notice it wasn't back ever since!

      The ad lasted over a week before I complained and suddenly it vanished right afterwords when I closed the browser down! The ugly pink ad has been nowhere to be found!

    • profile image

      TheBigOne 3 years ago

      Guess what? Yahoo Answers is alive and a kicking! However when searching for a question on Google for some strange reason I get Q and A's more then 5 years old. A few times I found a 7 year old question that was never resolved and the answers were all off topic except two in 15 people!

      Newer questions aren't so off topic.

      The new *purple* format I think was designed to scare off the trolls *which hate purple and pink!* and it worked as I have notice less of them since the site change. Making the site a maze is designed to confuse trolls who have very little patience! They weren't kidding when they said their new site was designed to clean up comments and what better way to do that then use Physcological methods!!!!

      Only the bigots seemed to complain and did so rather rudely using every swear wordin the book! I can see why the YA team didn't take the complainers seriously because the complainers weren't being very serious.

      If you want to be taken seriously then act seriously! If you want to be taken for a fool then act like a fool!

      In fact I think the entire internet is being used as warfare of the mind for right now it's to get rid of trolls which is good intentions but if in the hands of zealots or fanatics things can go pretty crazy real fast!

    • profile image

      TheBigOne 4 years ago

      I respected you up to the point you went on a child tantrum about bashing conservatives. If that's all you do then I hope you get banned from the site!

    • profile image

      Juanita 4 years ago

      Yes. I agree. Yahoo Answers has let the racist republicans take over. Most of these guys are old and white. They spend a lot time of YA spreading hate and the right wing talking points. These people have so many sock accounts and they report your questions, answers and get your answers deleted. You get a violation or your account get suspended. These republicans really, really, really hate minorities but black people the most.

    • profile image

      Jim 4 years ago

      I just got a free iTunes code from

    • profile image

      Halle2993 4 years ago

      I agree. Yahoo! Answers Is 100% BIAS & Geared For Hate Speech! These people have more than one account/sock accounts and if you disagree with them and stand up to them. They will report you so you will get a violation or your account suspended. Yahoo Answer is basically a republicans site for hatred. You can't reason with them or debate with them like adults. They think only their opinion matters. They will gang up on you and give you a bunch of thumb downs and report you answer so it will get remove. You will get a violation. So you will get up losing 12 points. Every time I would report someone for using racial slurs, insults, racist jokes mostly about African American. Republicans really, really, really, hate black people. The moderators will give me a violation and take points away from me. It has become storm front 2.0. Most of the questions are disparaging, hatred and racial slurs towards our president, Barack Obama, and black people. They need to take the site down. These people are obsessed and post over 200 questions a day how much they hate our president and black people. They still can't accept that a black man is president. YA allow people to cyber stalk and harass you. I have been cyber stalk by the user Yup and YA did nothing to discourage this person but give me a violation when I reported this person. I have been a member since 2007 and level 7 and the user Yup got my account suspended. I am sure I am not the only person she has cyber stalk. Just recently the moderator deducted a lot of points from my account because I reported that someone else had more than one account but I am one the get points taking away. This site is clearly bias, racist and hostile to African Americans. On a daily basis you will racist slurs about black people and it will take the moderator hours or days to remove the racial slurs or comment or not remove them at all. The site has gone downhill since I first join now they allow racist and bigots to run amuck. There are more republicans on the site them liberals. I can only assume these user and older and retired. They spend 24-7 spreading hate and posting racial slurs. All these people do is watch Fox News and Rush Limpballs and come back and post their talking points. They believe everything, Fox News, Rush, Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, Bill O'Reilly and that ilk tell them. Fox News has these people so scare of black people. They believe all the negative and racial stereotype of black people.

    • profile image

      Yahoo is a Joke 5 years ago

      @ Adam, you moron. Do you even visit Yahoo?? Have you ever read any of the comments on their news stories?? If you have, then you'd know that 90% of the comments are Republican garbage.

    • profile image

      Some Dude 5 years ago

      Totally agree. I get my questions shot down within a few seconds and I'm not even violating the community guidelines. The moderators are biased both conservatively and liberally. If they don't like your opinion they will suspend your account. I asked the following "Why wasn't Eric Holder fired after fast and furious.' Within 2 seconds my account was suspended. I've always read a post somewhere online of a lady asking a question about George Bush... and she got her account suspended. So it's not really one sided. It's the moderators they are abusing their power. Also, it's true I see lots of hate speech that stays up but legitimate questions shot down.... how these accounts remain in tact is beyond me. I'm also boycotting yahoo answers. My primary email is not with them, so to hell with them.

    • profile image

      Matt 6 years ago

      Well, Yahoo Answers has sunk to a new low. Perhaps, it's not so new for them. Last week, after appealing a ridiculous violation for a helpful answer, the next day, my email was blocked for a day and all existing emails were deleted. I sent an email of inquiry for which which they responded that couldn't have happened. Yeah, right. BS. A week later, they sent me a customer service satisfaction survey and I responded with the truth of how I felt. A few hours later, Yahoo blocked my IP address from accessing Answers, I know it's the IP address because the blockage is only on this computer and no other device. So, I decided to delete my yahoo email account, which fortunately isn't my primary, and delete my Answers account and all bookmarks to yahoo on all devices. In essence, I'm boycotting Yahoo in its entirety. They are an evil monopoly of vindictive, power hungry sadists and after this post, I'll never knowingly associate with anything Yahoo. The aggravation isn't worth it. Life is too short. I suggest trying It's much more user friendly.

    • profile image

      Dan 6 years ago

      I have replied to question and answer sights regarding politics and my comments are always very professional but when I voice my opinion the people who work at YAHOO delete my comments.. This is a one sighted Biased web sight and this is why they are going out of business.

    • profile image

      JC 6 years ago

      I've also discovered that Yahoo Answers is not as objective as they claim to be. I've only been a member for a short time and have racked up a fair number of points with helpful answers however, I was shocked to receive a violations notice for a simple comment about an inappropriate question. There was no cursing, name calling, racist behavior or the like. My heart actually skipped a beat and I glanced about as though I expected the cops to burst thru my front door. Of course, I appealed and heard nothing. To this day, nothing. Yet all I see are racist, crude and hatred remarks. People who are really in need of help are actually abused. It's horrible. Not too long age, I got my second violation and yelled at my computer "F you!" and kept on typing. Community Guidelines. What a load of crap. I've reported a question regarding someone knowingly committing a crime. Ha! No deletion of their question. Everyone who answered the question admonished the poster. There's this one member who uses such vile language that it is disgusting. I'm sure that person has been reported only a zillion times. Why is that member still active?My suggestion to all is not to use Yahoo as your primary email account. It never has been mine. If my yahoo account gets deleted, the only loss will be yahoo answers and my impressive track record. That would be disappointing, however, I'm not in it to win it. I wasn't trying to rack up the points; they came naturally. So, it will be so again with another yahoo account. God bless you if you buy into their crap. Yahoo's website color should be brown. That's the color of crap, right?

    • profile image

      Atheist69 7 years ago

      So true.

    • profile image

      Buck 7 years ago

      yahoo answers is full of junk haters

      you can't have an open conversation without get reported from some low life just because he or she disagree with your question or answer

      especially in politics is a total garbage

    • profile image

      Adam Smith 7 years ago

      Yahoo! is anything but a conservative Republican organization. You've got to be kidding! They donate heavily to Democrats and leftist causes. I got a violation for criticizing Obama's total lack of action in the Gulf while the nut case questioner who wanted a terrorist trial of Rand Paul had his question remain. It doesn't matter if you violate the TOS or not. If your answer offends, that is all they need because they will never tell you what the violation was.

    • profile image

      AnnMarie 8 years ago

      I know exactly how you feel.

      Yahoo always lets the trolls on yahoo answers get away with everything.

      Sometimes you can't tell a fake question from a real one anymore.All you hear about now is how much someone hates a celebrity or some dumb troll question trying to make other people of a certain group or culture feel bad, and what does Yahoo Answers do about that?THEY DO NOTHING!

      My advice to anyone who uses yahoo answers is try to avoid the stupid questions as much as possible,because when you answer them they are going to make you look really bad.

      I have defended people on yahoo answers too,and I end up getting a bunch of thumbs down because of my opinions.

      If you like a certain band or singer and ask a question about them,people will go on and on about how much they hate that singer and how you should not like them because they don't like them.YOU ARE RIGHT YAHOO ANSWERS IS SO BIASED.

    • profile image

      Daniel 8 years ago

      How do people like my violation notice?

      "Question: What is wrong with Yahoo Answers?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111?

      Deleted Answer: It's faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarked

      Violation Reason: Misuse of the question and answer format"

    • profile image

      alan 8 years ago

      yahoo is the most liberal piece of crap out there.if you ask anything anti obama they respond by giving you crap about something is just like the msm and only tells public what they want you to know.the way to control a country is to control the press.does this wake you up?

    • profile image

      MG 8 years ago

      I hate Yahoo answers! It has become a forum for racists to promote their own propaganda and their posts don't get deleted. I have reported several questions/answers on there that are just plain insulting and they don't always get deleted! Yet I have found that whenever I have posted ANTI-racist counter-arguments they get deleted!! It is ridiculous, I'm beginning to suspect that YA is run by BNP supporters. Such a stupid site!

    • profile image

      JC 8 years ago

      It's bad enough that I had my seventh level account deleted three times, once after a month of inactivity, though this last time since it was reinstated it's been allowed to remain untouched by me for nearly a year and a half.

      But contrary to your assessment I continue to use Y!A and sometimes receive helpful and even insightful answers and contrary to your experience I often write extremely derogatory answers regarding Y!A staff and my experiences which are never deleted, while more innocuous things are violated. There's definitely no IP blocking going on and there are some people with some sense (of humor perhaps) behind the anonymous "staff" because I've cursed them out over violations and had my legitimate questions and answers restored more than once, though they've done nothing to the troll that keeps me from my former top contributor categories.

      I've also created a free Filter Set for Adblock Plus for Firefox that tweaks Y!A so it's less annoying with it's pop ups, warnings, and advice. Click my link for an explanation how to implement it.

    • profile image

      BigBoy 8 years ago

      Yahoo has the worst service ever. Yahoo answer sucks. I can't even get a good answer when I ask questions. But when I offer good answers to other people, I get banned. Other people are using it because of their points. The more you answer the more point you get.

      I think everybody who has a Yahoo account, should all click "Abuse" for every answers and question in Yahoo.

      I only use their email now for junk mail and newsletter.

    • profile image

      embryjade 8 years ago

      Yes. Yahoo Answers is ONE BIG JOKE. There is so much bigotry going on over there, they ought to change the name to "HATE SITE.COM" I can't tell you how many times I have reported racist questions & answers not to mention EXTREMELY INSULTING comments. Sadly, they never got deleted. Either their moderating system is screwed up or they are just extremely biased over there.

      And your right about the ones with several accounts. Heck some of then even give themseleves screen names such as "9th account". So it is so blantantly obvious what they're doing. I hope some day soon they get called out for being the ridiculously racist/ bigot site that they are. And most definitly if you are in any way pro-liberal or democrat in your beliefs, stay away because they are extremely right-wing & you will only be

      I have heard some say they even received death threats & other disturbing messages via e-mail from Y/A users. I always kept my profile as private as possible & didn't allow email from site users.

    • profile image

      embryjade 8 years ago

      Yes. Yahoo Answers is ONE BIG JOKE. There is so much bigotry going on over there, they ought to change the name to "HATE SITE.COM" I can't tell you how many times I have reported racist questions & answers not to mention EXTREMELY INSULTING comments. Sadly, they never got deleted. Either their moderating system is screwed up or they are just extremely biased over there.

      And your right about the ones with several accounts. Heck some of then even give themseleves screen names such as "9th account". So it is so blantantly obvious what they're doing. I hope some day soon they get called out for being the ridiculously racist/ bigot site that they are. And most definitly if you are in any way pro-liberal or democrat in your beliefs, stay away because they are extremely right-wing & you will only be insulted & attacked.

      I have heard some say they even received death threats & other disturbing messages via e-mail from Y/A users. I always kept my profile as private as possible & didn't allow email.

    • profile image

      Joseph 8 years ago

      I know what you mean, I got disgusted after only 1 day of trying to post on this crummy site. Sooo much hatred and bigotry and no one deletes it, but if try and argue about it your post is deleted. Do not blame Microsoft they do not own Yahoo they own MSNBC so they are not exactly right wingers. Remember when Yahoo turned down Microsoft's offer to buy their stock and then after they said no their stock price plummeted by 2/3? This complete joke of a company is DOOOOMED, I mean have you ever tried doing a Yahoo search ugh!! No wonder Google is kicking their butts.

    • profile image

      Amy 8 years ago

      And I disagree with you. The people in favor of gay marriage are more accepted on yahoo answers. The people not in favor of gay marriage are hit against the most.

      You are probably just a really unlucky yahoo user.

    • profile image

      Amy 8 years ago

      The Atheists on yahoo answers are also really awful and obnoxious.

      The Atheists and Christians make me HATE yahoo answers.

      They are both ignorant.

    • profile image

      mimi 9 years ago

      Really I thought it was my fault that my yahoo account got deleted,but now i see it's a common problem.They gave me a violation notice & suspended my account,because "I had posted an answer to question".

      I mean what kind of stupid explanation is that?Isn't that site open for the same purpose,to give answers to question?

      People are posting nonsense questions & answers all the time,but instead my account got deleted for no reason.

    • profile image

      fo 9 years ago


    • profile image

      Jay 9 years ago

      "Community Moderation" is designed to empower conservative talking points (as you noticed) and minimize the effect of valid information. Basically, there are real moderators who are filtering through all of the reports they get... They cherry-pick which reports they want to validate and which one's they do not. Often times, when the user reports an invalid violation notice, that report is sent right over to the very person who decided to violate them in the first place. Thus the "community" is really about 5 or 6 friends who also happen to be the "top contributors" in controversial categories like "Religion" and "Politics". I'm glad that people are catching on to the Yahoo censors - which are very right-wing biased indeed.

    • profile image

      CH 9 years ago

      You are absolutely right! No one is at all greatful for any kind of trying to help- I swear the site is just swarmed with ignorant hyper-self-focused and ungrateful people. Trying to help you get slapped in the face.

      Great post.

    • profile image

      Cole 9 years ago

      I hate Yahoo! in general. I sometimes fantasize about their downfall. I wish them all the worse.

    • esocial profile image

      esocial 9 years ago from California

      YA can be good, but in some categories there are unscrupulous people who market there and only want their replies there, too. They post the questions; they post their own replies and report all others.

      The place is turning into another eBay support place; i.e. there is total lack of help for people really using the place for good.

      Maybe eBay bought them....

    • profile image

      aliya 9 years ago

      yahoo answers team is the biggest load of bull since aol’s CAT! im now convinced they don't even read reports they get. i had my level 6 account suspended for no legitimate reason, i am upset because my entire yahoo account was deleted, not just my yahoo answers, so my entire address book and messenger list are gone. i had 3 violations that i got before this and successfully had all of them appealed. i figure it was just trolls reporting every answer that i gave, which works to get people suspended since they don't bother to read reports. i couldn't get into my account to appeal this last time, i had to contact yahoo’s customer service to inquire about what happened. at this point i was thinking my email was hacked into and was being used to send spam. when i finally was contacted by yahoo rep, i found out it was due to a yahoo answers violation and they would not reinstate my account. the worst part of it all was i found out the particular question this happened over, was so benign i don't see how anyone could have constituted as violating yahoo’s tos. the question that was just so offensive that it warranted deleting my entire yahoo account was: “how do you type in kanji (japanese) characters?”i wrote a third time trying to find out the exact reason given as to how this was a violation of their terms, but still have no response 2 weeks later and i’m not counting on ever getting one. its a good thing for yahoo that they are a free service, because with this kind of wonderful communication skills and customer service i don't think any sane person would pay for it. i certainly wont be using YA ever again even if they gave my account back. for the whole time i was a user i tried only to help others with subjects i was knowledgable in… it seems now its all about trolling and who can make up the stupidest or most shocking/perverse/disgusting questions to post and get a rise out of people. hey YA team, why don't you try going after people who make 100 accounts to troll/harass with and actually read your bogus reports, instead of suspending those of us who are using the site for its intended purpose?

    • profile image

      Ade 9 years ago

      I agree. It wornsened when they brought in "community moderation" and basically handing it over to trolls On that note, there is no moderation.

    • profile image

      Issues With Yahoo Answers 9 years ago

      I have just got banned fromYahoo answers and I must say I cannot figure out why.

      It is a good site for generating traffic and It can be a useful traffic generation tool but the moderation seems a little odd

      You read the TOS, you answer questions without knowingly breeching the TOS and you get banned

      And then I got a best answer notification AFTER i was banned

      I think it is a good site but the administrators really need to take a closer look at the abuse staff

    • profile image

      BArb 9 years ago

      So many people have had the same experience. I think it 's run by microsoft - you know the people who try to have a monopoly on the world. The deal is that they have control, they know your ip address and will delete any account set up on the same computer.

      Yahoo answers are not answers - they are gateways. Who knows what they are REALLY doing with all of that information.

      Three of my 'out of line' answers were voted best answers before they were called as violations.

      Yahoo pretty much blows.

    • profile image

      somelikeitscott 9 years ago

      And "Yahoo" used to be such a happy word.

    • profile image

      nick hacther 9 years ago

      if you think yahoo honestly cares about us your crazy! have you ever emailed yahoo for help? it is useless. if you call them you are just transferred around to people that at there core just talk down to you. why would yahoo answers be any different? yahoo for years may baby steps. when google came alone yahoos patheric offerings were brought out into the light. so yahoo made a mad rush to be like google. coming out with free things and free gemicks. none are any good. i don't use yahoo. i am a google man 4life! even though googe is big ass company and they can make it hard to contact them they still listen. if 1 billion people complain to yahoo over some simple problem that would take some geek an afternoon to fix yahoo as a company won't do anything. they will not get off there ass and fix it! if 100 people complain to goole then google will to try to fix it. that is the difference. so buddy now that you know what yahoo is just stay away! let them be bought out by microsoft or google. if it takes google beating on yahoos door before yahoo even makes an attempt at offering something better. how much can people do? yahoo does not care and that is the end of this story! THEEE END!!

    • profile image

      aaron 9 years ago

      i know exactly what your talking about, i have had 9 yahoo answers accounts deleted for "violating the community guidelines". in fact i don't know anyone who hasn't had a account deleted. you and anyone else who is pissed off a yahoo should check out, its a site exactly like yahoo answers except with no violations or deleted accounts but the only problem is there isn't very many users on it, but if we can get the word out yahoo answers will die


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