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You Can Find A Good Man If You Know Where to Look

Updated on April 1, 2008

If you think it's not possible to find a good man, you probably haven't been looking in the right places. There are plenty of attractive, law-abiding, employed single men available right now. You can find one who's right for you...if you know where to look.

Before you grab your net and binoculars to gear up for a world class man hunt, let me remind you that you are looking for men who have the capacity to be good potential mates for you. You'll easily be able to spot them in a crowd in you take the time to determine what you are looking for in a man before you start meeting prospects.

I urge you to take some time to think about what kind of man you desire. What physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual characteristics are important to you? Would you consider dating a divorced man or a dad? How important is his degree of financial security? Do you favor a man who works in a particular profession? It is immensely important that you figure out what you want before you start actively looking.

Strategies for Meeting Your Type of Man

Men are truly everywhere you look. Believe it or not, I have even met men in the ladies room-don't ask; it's a long story. So it's possible to find a man just about anywhere. But since you are looking for a particular type of man-a man who fits your unique love profile-you will have to look for men in the places where you have the best possibility of meeting your type of man.

Where you need to look for men is largely dependent on what type of man you want to meet. Say you want to meet a man who is active in politics. In order to meet such men you would attend meetings of politically oriented groups that center around the ideology and values you subscribe to and the issues that concern you.

You may need to be creative or even do a bit of research in order to find out where to meet your type of man. For example, if you want to meet a member of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), and you happen to not be an options trader, one way you could find out the best places would be to be nice to the security guard and/or concierge in the lobby of the CBOT building and ask where traders usually have lunch delivered from.

Using that same example, another approach would be to find out what time most traders go to lunch-again by asking the security guard or concierge-and blending in with a crowd to see where they do lunch. If you are not knowledgeable about financial markets, you will also need to start reading trade publications and educating yourself about the industry so you can carry on an intelligent conversation with prospects when the opportunity arises.

The Best Places to Meet Men

The best places to meet men are places of employment, meetings of professional organizations, well known hangouts for specific populations (e.g., Smith & Wollensky in Chicago, nicknamed the Billionaire Boys' Club, has a reputation for being a popular dining spot for well-heeled Chicagoans), churches and other places of worship, gyms and fitness classes, and just about any place other place where people have shared interests or values.

Note that the aforementioned are all places are places where you can not only meet members of the opposite sex in a relatively stress free environment-after all, you do have other reasons for being there besides meeting men-but they are also places where you can take the time to get to know a person without the pressure of being there solely for the purpose of connecting with them romantically. For this reason, bars, singles parties and night clubs are generally not good places to meet men who would be good prospects as potential mates.


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